Here’s the World Flipper Tier List And Reroll Guide with all the best Characters.

If you’re new to the game, you might be looking for the greatest 4 and 5 star characters. To assist you, below is a World Flipper Tier List. You will also learn how to Reroll later in this guide.

Our ranking list is based on the Japanese version’s gameplay experience. The names are occasionally romanized versions of the Japanese names in the English global edition, which is identical to the original.

As a result, we’ll be updating this page as name changes and other tier changes occur. And this is our list, which we believe has aided us in combat. Like Wagner, who, in the right hands, can be one of the best characters, but is also the least popular among the top tier players.

World Flipper Tier List

S+ TierVeronSwordLight5 Star
S+ TierLazeltSpecialThunder5 Star
S+ TierSiltyStaffThunder5 Star
S+ TierAliceFistWind4 Star
S TierPhilliaSwordFire5 Star
S TierRizelleFistFire4 Star
S TierClarisseSwordLight5 Star
A TierMarinaFistDark5 Star
A TierCagliostroFistWater5 Star
A TierSoniaSpecialWater5 Star
B TierBercetiaSpecialDark5 Star
B TierInahoSwordFire5 Star
B TierSuizenFistFire5 Star
B TierNephtimArcherWind5 Star
C TierLeonArcherDark5 Star
C TierEcreelSwordFire5 Star
C TierWagnerSpecialFire5 Star
C TierMurakumoSwordWind5 Star
D TierAlmArcherDark4 Star
D TierLannerSwordLight4 Star
D TierRamsStaffLight4 Star
D TierDearSupportWater4 Star
D TierJayFistWind4 Star
E TierAsukirimaruArcherDark4 Star
E TierRegisSwordsmanDark4 Star
E TierArcSpecialThunder4 Star
E TierArisaSpecialThunder4 Star
E TierShiroSwordWater4 Star
F TierBiancaSwordFire4 Star
F TierJelalSpecialFire4 Star
F TierSharonArcherFire4 Star
F TierEleanorSwordLight4 Star
F TierMarianneSwordLight4 Star
F TierSoushiroSpecialLight4 Star
F TierYuelArcherLight4 Star
F TierAzelArcherThunder4 Star
F TierKiraSupportThunder4 Star
F TierMercelFistThunder4 Star
F TierOrouruSwordThunder4 Star
F TierEliyaSwordWater4 Star
F TierFinnFistWater4 Star
F TierLiamSwordWater4 Star
F TierMinoSupportWater4 Star
F TierAmeliaSwordWind4 Star
F TierAndySupportWind4 Star
F TierGlideFistWind4 Star
F TierHanabiArcherWind4 Star
F TierHelgaSwordWind4 Star
F TierLunaluSwordWind4 Star
F TierMiaSwordWind4 Star

World Flipper Tier List And Reroll Guide

World Flipper Tier List And Reroll Guide

World Flipper Reroll Guide

Reroll in World Flipper to gain the greatest 5 star characters; to receive limitless rerolling, you must unregister and create a new account.

In World Flipper, here’s how to reroll:

  • On your device, launch the game.
  • Either complete the instruction or skip it altogether.
  • To find incentives, go to your mailbox.
  • Following that, you must roll for Gacha characters.
  • Some characters can only be obtained through continuing through the plot or by fighting bosses.
  • You can reroll as many times as you want if you don’t like the characters you got the first time.
  • Go to the menu, then account info, to reroll in World Flipper.
  • You’ll need to unregister your current account from here.
  • You can now create a new account and use the reroll feature.
  • You can keep rerolling until you’re satisfied with the characters you’ve gathered.

This concludes the World Flipper Tier List and Reroll Guide.

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