Welcome to Wobbly Life Artifacts Golf Ball Pet Locations Walkthrough guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Artifacts and Golf Ball Pet Locations in Wobbly Life.

Pineapple Drink Artifact

If you don’t have the propeller hat, you can go to the artefact using this zipline at the golf course.

You simply bounce up the trampoline there and past the wooden board to access the artefact once you’ve climbed into the structure.

Wobbly Life – Emerald Golf Ball

This was the most difficult for me to figure out.

You must go to the Wobbly Woods statue in front of the golfing club and use a golf club to smack the stone golf ball on the statue (i used the putter).

Flower Artifact

To begin, locate the cave entrance, which is located just off the ledge of the golf course.

To claim the bright green flower, you must first navigate through the obstacles (or simply fly over if you wear the propeller hat).

Golden Golf Club

The Golden Golf Club is locked in a cabinet inside the golfing club building, with a clue on the wall as to where it can be found.

But, hey, you didn’t come here only to find out where the Club is, did you?

So the key is concealed behind this small bench in the middle of the mansion maze.

To get inside, you don’t need to own the mansion; all you need is a way to get past the fence and you’re in.

Wobbly Life Artifacts Golf Ball Pet Locations Walkthrough

Golf Ball Pet

The little golf ball pet may be discovered at the hole with the skee ball circles, which I assume is the final hole.

Simply hop into the centre hole to enter Golfly’s home (I named it golfy, so that’s how I’m referring to them).

Wobbly Life Artifacts Rewards

You will have all the artifacts on the island and even a new pet with your brand new golfing outfit, golf cart!

This concludes the Wobbly Life Artifacts Golf Ball Pet Locations Walkthrough.

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