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Vermintide 2 Tier List, the sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, is undoubtedly more difficult and captivating because it includes new challenges and weapons set in a dark world full of terrible foes that you must battle and survive. You may easily create a potent unit that will help you in the war with the Vermintide 2-tier list provided in this post.

Vermintide 2 Tier List 2022

Vermintide 2 is the first shooter action RPG multiplayer. It contains five core characters that are fully programmable, and each of them has a different set of skills, talents, and physical weapons like swords and spears to employ against the other players. In this mission-based game, you get tonnes of rewards for killing lots of foes.

Build a powerful team utilising the Vermintide 2-tier list below because it’s challenging to combat the dangerous animals alone.

S Tier List

The best characters in the game, are easy to pick up and have a great return on investment.

Character On Hit Damage
Mercenary 0.5 0.5
Huntsman 0.3 0.4
Foot Knight 0.25 0.5
Grail Knight 0.25 0.25
Ranger Veteran 0.3 0.3
Ironbreaker 0.25 0.5
Slayer 0.5 0.1

The Mercenary is most effective when equipped with a handgun as well as the variety of melee weapons at his disposal. He’s the ideal blank canvas because he can be used in any build. The mercenary is the ideal choice for people seeking a reliable all-arounder.

The Huntsman is a fantastic class, but it takes some skill to really shine (particularly with the longbow). He also possesses invisibility, which is especially helpful for dispatching elite waves. Although it isn’t as good as the Shade’s or the Handmaiden’s, it serves its purpose. The Huntsman is equipped with a variety of weapons. His bow can be replaced with a blunderbuss, which works well. His selection of melee weapons is also excellent.

The greatest move combination for the Foot Knight is a dash followed by a pistol attack to take out opponents. 
With such a short cooldown, Valiant Charge is consistently dependable. Players can use this to put some distance between themselves and opposing waves. The Foot Knight only provides this, though.

The Grail Knight’s ability to easily cut through elite waves is strengthened by his powerful stats. But the skill ceiling for the Grail Knight is really high. Players have minimal tolerance for error in True Solo because the majority of his plays depend on the proper location.

The Ranger Vet is essentially a worse Huntsman in many aspects. Huntsman performs both his melee and ranged options better than he does. It’s riskier to use his ultimate as well.

The Ironbreaker is a capable defensive unit that can quickly protect itself from disablers. Since these kinds of monsters frequently end waves in True Solo play, this is useful. The Iron Breaker excels in these circumstances as a true survivor.

A helpful skill that makes killing exceptional waves simpler is The Slayer’s Leap. The Slayer’s dual axes help him defeat bosses as well. He is a no-nonsense combatant who is consistently trustworthy.

A Tier List

Characters that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.

Character On Hit Damage
Handmaiden 0.25 0.5
Shade 0.5 0.2
Waystalker 0.35 0.3


The Shade is utterly damaged. It has highly potent damage in addition to a virtually instantaneous cooling down of its invisibility. Because you essentially have limitless opportunities to make your invisibility + backstab work, it’s the most forgiving unit to play. The Shade can dispatch waves upon waves of elite adversaries using its skills without breaking a sweat. Use this class if you truly want to bypass all of the game’s obstacles. Everyone

The Waystalker is equipped with a number of lethal ranged weapons. Her ultimate kills special waves with ease, allowing you to save ammunition for regular spawning. She also has some respectable melee choices, though none stand out particularly well The Waystalker is an aggressive figure who struggles under pressure or when cornered.  She has few defensive abilities to support her and few choices for mobility. occasionally needs a little bit of unrestricted power, so we won’t judge you.

B Tier List

Good characters who lack in certain key areas make them top-tier

Character On Hit Damage
Bounty Hunter 0.25 0.3
Witch Hunter Captain 0.5 0.2
Zealot 0.5 0.2

The Whole Bounty Hunter’s attacking skill is useless for a team that struggles to recover from pressure circumstances. In True Solo, having poor crowd control choices is a serious issue.

The perfect bulwark unit is the Witch Hunter Captain. He doesn’t have to move about as much as the Huntsman to be useful. He is excellent at controlling areas while wielding a crossbow and using critical boosts. You may relax once those elite swarms appear knowing that Animosity can keep your enemies at away. You should be aware that the Witch Hunter Captain’s DPS is not great. He is, nonetheless, a pretty dependable unit.

The Zealot strikes the ideal balance between offense and toughness. An enemy wave’s worst nightmare is a Zealot with a crossbow, especially if they have gunners in the back lane.

C Tier List

So-so characters, there are probably better options for your playstyle.

Character On Hit Damage
Battle Wizard 0.25 0.5
Pyromancer 0.25 0.3
Unchained 0.25 0.5

In the typical multiplayer play, the Battle Wizard is one of the most sought-after characters. Her viability, however, slightly declines in True Solo. Her best configuration, which is less spectacular in True Solo, is a bolt staff. On the positive side, the Battle Wizard’s potent abilities and quick-casting ultimate make things much easier to control. She has a strong offensive personality.

Due to her restricted movement choices, the pyromancer struggles in True Solo. She deals considerable damage, but not enough to easily dispatch hordes of adversaries.

The Unchained is quite resilient. Her melee weapons are excellent at repelling enemy waves that approach too closely. True Solo’s Bolt Staff is awful, but you will need it to defeat the special waves.


Vermintide 2 Tier ListBardin Goreksson

  • Ranger Veteran, Ironbreaker, and Slayer are the three vocations available.
  • In the beginning, there is a Ranger Veteran profession accessible where Bardin Goreksson is armed with crossbows and other ranged weapons to kill distant adversaries.
  • He also obtains smoke bombs to disperse the smoke in a certain area and, later, bluffs to shield himself from adversaries.
  • Attack power improves in such scenarios, and adversaries are readily dispatched.
  • Has the ability to enhance ammunition and reload speed.
  • After leveling up the character, the other two careers become available.

Mercenary Markus Kruber

  • The character with a lot of clout in the game.
  • Paced Strikes is a passive talent that targets three foes at once.
  • For a short amount of time during the fight, he grants his nearest teammates 25% health.
  • With his talents, he increases the critical probability by up to 5%.
  • Armed with a variety of weaponry.
  • His weapon inflicts the greatest amount of harm.
  • Increases his power by up to 25% and reduces the number of opponents when a massive enemy base strikes.


  • Handmaiden, Shade, and Waystalker are the three playable characters.
  • She is the most powerful character since she has the most kills.
  • During her Handmaiden career, she assaults foes with longbows and knives, dealing great damage.
  • With her immortal flower ability, she heals herself and her close companions.
  • In addition, melee weapons are used to knock down foes.
  • Kerillian gains health points when she kills her opponents with melee assaults.
  • She has the ability to boost attack power and critical strike chance.

This concludes the Vermintide 2 Tier List – Warhammer.

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