Vermintide 2 is the sequel to Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, and it is unquestionably more competitive and fascinating, as it includes new weaponry and challenges set in a dark planet full of terrible foes you must battle and survive. To assist you in the battle, you will need to create a strong unit, which you can easily do with the Vermintide 2 tier list provided in this article.

Vermintide 2 Tier List 2021

Vermintide 2, the first shooter action RPG multiplayer, offers five core completely customizable characters, each with its own set of special skills, talents, and physical weapons like swords and spears to employ against the enemy. In this mission-based game, beating a large number of foes nets you a plethora of goodies. Fighting the dangerous animals alone is not a simple chore, so consult the Vermintide 2 tier list below to form a formidable squad.

Vermintide 2 Tier List – S Tier

CharacterOn HitDamage
Foot Knight0.250.5
Grail Knight0.250.25
Ranger Veteran0.30.3

Vermintide 2 Tier List – A Tier

CharacterOn HitDamage

Vermintide 2 Tier List – B Tier

CharacterOn HitDamage
Bounty Hunter0.250.3
Witch Hunter Captain0.50.2

Vermintide 2 Tier List – C Tier

CharacterOn HitDamage
Battle Wizard0.250.5

Bardin Goreksson

  • Ranger Veteran, Ironbreaker, and Slayer are the three vocations available.
  • In the beginning, there is a Ranger Veteran profession accessible where Bardin Goreksson is armed with crossbows and other ranged weapons to kill distant adversaries.
  • He also obtains smoke bombs to disperse the smoke in a certain area and, later, bluffs to shield himself from adversaries.
  • Attack power improves in such scenarios, and adversaries are readily dispatched.
  • Has the ability to enhance ammunition and reload speed.
  • After levelling up the character, the other two careers become available.

Mercenary Markus Kruber

  • Character with a lot of clout in the game.
  • Paced Strikes is a passive talent that targets three foes at once.
  • For a short amount of time during the fight, he grants his nearest teammates 25% health.
  • With his talents, he increases the critical probability by up to 5%.
  • Armed with a variety of weaponry.
  • His weapon inflicts the greatest amount of harm.
  • Increases his power by up to 25% and reduces the number of opponents when a massive enemy base strikes.

Vermintide 2 Tier List

Vermintide 2 Tier List


  • Handmaiden, Shade, and Waystalker are the three playable characters.
  • She is the most powerful character since she has the most kills.
  • During her Handmaiden career, she assaults foes with long bows and knives, dealing great damage.
  • With her immortal flower ability, she heals herself and close companions.
  • In addition, melee weapons are used to knock down foes.
  • Kerillian gains health points when she kills her opponents with melee assaults.
  • She has the ability to boost attack power and critical strike chance.

This concludes the Vermintide 2 Tier List.

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