Welcome to Valorant Chamber guide How to play the agent on Haven? After the long reign of Jett meta, Valorant was taken over by a new Sentinel agent dubbed Chamber, who offered a new method of playing Riot’s very own shooter.

Chamber is the first Sentinel agent in Valorant to be renowned for adopting an active rather than a passive approach to defending the squad. The new agent’s distinctiveness is unrivalled, and he has rapidly become a phenomenon among the Valorant community.

Chamber is great for individuals who want to take a more active role in the team, since he has the ability to slow down his target and other potent self-sustaining hunting abilities.

This article will go over how players can use Chamber on Haven, Valorant’s only map with three sites to defend.

How to play Chamber on Valorants Haven?

Haven-A Site setup for Chamber

Chamber has a site built up for them.
Players must use the Rendezvous ability to climb to the top of the L-shaped boxes at the site’s entrance and take the place holder from the bottom level for this arrangement. After a three-second cooldown, players must position the A short boxes on the opposite side of the teleportation placeholder.

Chamber can take care of both A site entrances and take easy frags with this setup because of his off-angle higher ground placement.

The only drawback to this setup is that if the opponent chooses to charge in completely, Chamber will not have a chance to defend.

Haven-B Site setup for Chamber

Players must initially apply the same strategy employed for A Site to achieve a higher angle on the boxes on the right side of the map. Players can place the other anchor point on top of the central box in the B site once they’ve reached the elevated position.

Players can easily take a mid-peek from his position and risk getting an early frag. If a player fails to do so, they can quickly relocate himself on the left boxes to gain a different perspective on the enemies.

Valorant Chamber guide How to play the agent on Haven

Valorant Chamber guide How to play the agent on Haven

Haven-C Site setup for Chamber

Although the Haven C Location is too wide for a real aggressive approach, a simple setup is certainly doable when playing on this site.

Players may simply take an aggressive peak at C Long and swap positions to the top of green boxes to gain an off-angle on the adversaries trying to approach the site by setting one placeholder on the green boxes at the back of the site and the other on the centre boxes.

Chamber can fall back and replan his strategy if both options are jinxed.

This concludes the Valorant Chamber guide How to play the agent on Haven.

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