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If played with powerful methods and setups, Chamber, the new Valorant Sentinel agent, could be a potential choice for Ascent.
With Patch 3.10 in Episode 3 Act 3, the French Valorant agent was just added to the game. His arrival to Valorant’s agent pool is expected to have a significant impact on the Valorant meta, according to the community.

Chamber’s skills are largely dependent on gunplay, however executing his Trademark (C) and Rendezvous (E) abilities in Valorant requires tactics. Furthermore, playing Chamber on the Valorant’s Ascent map necessitates a lot of setup experimentation in order to efficiently defend the sites. As a result, this essay will instruct Valorant gamers on how to make the most of the new Valorant agent in Ascent.

Keys to playing as Chamber on Valorants Ascent map

Chamber may enable gamers to play cautiously while still obtaining quick kills. Valorant gamers, on the other hand, will need a lot of methods and tricks to play with the agent on this map.

Chamber’s A Site set-up on Ascent

On the Valorant’s Ascent map, Chamber may hold the A Site while also playing aggressively with a good set-up. To do so, players can install the first anchor of their teleporter ability at A Rafters on top of the box, and another below it in a corner.

The players can take easy kills from the top and instantly teleport to the bottom to hide. The enemy will take time to reach Chamber, but the players will be able to take advantage of the shade right away.

Valuable players can also try out a different setup to guard both the A Garden and the A Site. They must set up one anchor point at the Garden entrance and another near the A Site entrance.

Kills can be taken at the A Site entrance and teleported to the Garden, or vice versa. They can also place Rendezvous (E) along the entrances to instantly slow down the enemies.

Valorant Chamber Guide How to play agent on Ascent

Valorant Chamber Guide How to play with the agent on Ascent

Chamber’s B Site set-up on Ascent

On Ascent, players can place the first teleporter anchor point at B Main and the other on the major B Site, over the boxes, for the B Site layout. This will allow the players to play aggressively by taking entrance kills while holding two separate perspectives.

Otherwise, players can build up Chamber at B Site from a different perspective. Place the teleporter anchor points in Cubby and at the Site to do this. From here, players can get instant kills while still relocating.

Valorant players will be able to take quick kills and conceal when needed with this configuration. They can also set up a trap at the entryway to slow down opponents.

This concludes the Valorant Chamber Guide How to play with agent on Ascent.

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