Chamber is the newest agent to join Valorant, and here are all the specifics mentioned in Valorant Chamber agent guide tips and tricks.

Fans of Valorant have finally seen the seventeenth agent in the game. In what has become known as Deadeye, the Sentinel, who is actually known as Chambers, has now gotten his complete revelation.

Unfortunately, the agent will not be introduced with Episode 3 Act 3 as originally intended, as Riot has announced a two-week delay.

According to John Goscicki, Character Producer, Chamber was created with the goal of creating someone who “bunkers down and holds a location by receiving frags.” With his pistol/ult and gadgets, he can hold down a spot perfectly. Here’s all you need to know about Chamber, including abilities, strategies, tips and tricks in Valorant Chamber agent guide tips and tricks.

Valorant Chamber agent guide

Find the details described for Valorant Chamber agent guide below:

Release date

Chamber will be released in the game on November 16th after a two-week delay. He’s a Sentinel, and Riot drew a lot of inspiration from the archetype of “the gentleman assassin” when designing him.

The powers of Chamber

Find the power of Chamber in Valorant Chamber agent guide.

Trademark (C)

SET UP a trap that checks the area for enemies. When a visible adversary approaches, the trap counts down and then de-stabilised the environment around them, creating a lingering field that slows players trapped within it.

(Q) Headhunter

ACTIVATE to gain access to a heavy pistol. ALT FIRE with the pistol’s sights set to down.

(E) Rendezvous

TWO teleport anchors should be placed. REACTIVATE when on the ground and within range of an anchor to teleport to the other anchor rapidly. Anchors can be REDEPLOYED by picking them up.

(X) Tour de Force

ACTIVATE to summon a strong, unique sniper rifle capable of killing an enemy with a single direct hit. When you kill an adversary, you generate a lingering area that slows down all players trapped in it.

Valorant Chamber agent guide tips and tricks

Chamber tips and tricks

Chamber’s gameplay centres around highly lethal, pinpoint accuracy, as John Goscicki said. To hold the line and pick out foes from afar, he uses his specialised weaponry.

If the player uses him wisely, he can be a dangerous agent. Players can teleport, providing him unique perspectives and the ability to hold places all by himself.

Furthermore, you can use Trademark to set traps to gather information on foes even if you are not at the location. His ultimate, Tour de Force, summons a sniper rifle, saving dedicated sniper credits and removing the need to purchase an Operator.

This concludes the Valorant Chamber agent guide tips and tricks.

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