Turn on Night Mode on Xbox series X Latest, The Xbox Series X UI received a significant update, allowing the dashboard to reach 4k resolution. Along with the 4K upgrade, the Xbox Series X now has Night Mode with dimming options that can be customized.

To enable Night Mode, go to Settings, then Accessibility, and finally Night Mode. Alternatively, go to Settings, TV & Display Options, and Night Mode. Turn on Night Mode on Xbox series X Latest.

The Night Mode menu contains a plethora of display customization options. Owners can dim the screen’s brightness and change the blue light filter. There is also the option to disable HDR, which reduces the contrast between extreme lights and darks and lowers overall color quality. Owners can also switch between light and dark themes, with dark putting less strain on the eyes in Night Mode.

Turn on Night Mode on Xbox series X Latest

Users can also control when Night Mode is activated and deactivated. There is an option to turn Night Mode on at sunset and off at sunrise, but there is also an option to specify when Night Mode turns on and off.

How to Turn on Night Mode on Xbox series X Latest

Turn on Night Mode on Xbox series X Latest

Night Mode on Xbox series X

If users want to watch a movie or play games without the bright light, Night Mode can reduce the brightness of both the controller and the console Xbox logo light. Night Mode is intended to reduce eye strain and help users sleep better after watching television. Night Mode has a plethora of customization options that should be beneficial to those who want to reduce strain or simply have a preference for display settings.

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