To get the greatest Devil Fruits in this Roblox game, check out our True Piece Fruits Tier List.

True Piece is based on the well-known One Piece anime. So, like to the anime, this Roblox experience relies around Devil fruits that you may collect to get special abilities.

That’s simply a one-line summary of the plot, yet the anime is much more than just devil fruits. However, in this Roblox experience, collecting these fruits, in addition to your ability to organise your attacks, decides how good you are in PvP.

True Piece Devil Fruit Tier List

So, if you’re looking for the greatest skills to start with, check out our True Piece Devil Fruits Tier List.

True Piece Devil Fruit Tier List
TiersDevil Fruits
S+ TierPhoenix Fruit
S TierMochi Fruit
S TierRubber Fruit
A TierDark Fruit
A TierIce Fruit
A TierLightning Fruit
A TierMagma Fruit
A TierSnow Fruit
A TierTremor Fruit
B TierFire Fruit
B TierGravity Fruit
B TierLight Fruit
B TierSpino Fruit
B TierString Fruit
C TierBarrier Fruit
C TierOperation Fruit
C TierSand Fruit
C TierSmoke Fruit
D TierBomb Fruit
D TierChop Fruit

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That’s all there is to know about True Piece Devil Fruit Tier List. Check out our Tier Lists to learn about the greatest characters and stuff in all of the most popular games (including Roblox).

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