Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 is a Roblox game inspired by the iconic anime and manga series JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. You may play as your favourite JoJo characters as well as some baddies in this game. However, like with any game with several characters, not every character is equally powerful. Let’s take a look at the Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 top characters tier list in this guide.

Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 Tier List

Select the best characters for your team using our tier list guide to Roblox Troublesome Battlegrounds 2.

CharacterTierIntroduced in Part
DIOS-TierStardust Crusaders
Jotaro KujoS-TierStardust Crusaders
Giorno GiovannaS-TierGolden Wind
KarsS-TierBattle Tendency
Kira YoshikageS-TierDiamond is Unbreakable
Josuke HigashikataA-TierDiamond is Unbreakable
Rohan KishibeA-TierDiamond is Unbreakable
Vinegar DoppioA-TierGolden Wind
Bruno BucciaratiA-TierGolden Wind
WamuA-TierBattle Tendency
Johnathan JoestarA-TierPhantom Blood
Dio BrandoA-TierPhantom Blood
Joseph JoestarA-TierBattle Tendency
Jean Pierre PolnareffB-TierStardust Crusaders
Noriyaki KakyoinB-TierStardust Crusaders
Mohammed AvdolB-TierStardust Crusaders
Koichi HiroseB-TierDiamond is Unbreakable
Narancia GhirgaB-TierGolden Wind
Guido MistaB-TierGolden Wind
Okyusayu NijimuraB-TierDiamond is Unbreakable
William A. ZeppeliC-TierPhantom Blood
Caesar A. ZeppeliC-TierBattle Tendency
Rudol Von StroheimC-TierPhantom Blood
Robert E.O. SpeedwagonC-TierBattle Tendency
Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 Tier List
Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 Tier List

This concludes the Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 Tier List.

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