Tower of fantasy release date confirmed – Hotta Studio’s Tower of Fantasy is a 3D immersive open-world portable game. It tells you a post-apocalyptic narrative of rescue and devastation using de-labeled characters, film and television-grade motion capture, high-freedom world exploration, and a scrappy sci-fi art style with a diversity of scenes, interactive puzzle components, and rapid combat feel.

Unreal 4 engine creates a 2500*2500 seamless world, motion capture system gives the character real dynamic, various scenes interaction can be used for anything, low threshold, high depth, high refreshing operation system precisely meet the needs of all levels, careless action can trigger the hidden plot, gradually unlocking the secret behind the main storey Every second, the destiny and future of the Earth is in your hands!

Tower of Fantasy, like Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol, is a new Chinese game. If you’re interested in learning more about the Tower of Fantasy Release Date for PC and Mobile (Android and iOS), read on to learn everything there is to know.

Tower of Fantasy is a video game similar to Genshin Impact that is soon to be released. It’s an MMORPG that might be released in 2021 for PC, iOS, and Android (although at the moment only in China, with no estimated date for its launch in the USA and Europe). This free product, set in a science fiction environment, will be distributed worldwide on PC and mobile in 2022.

Tower of fantasy release date

December 16 2021

Tower of fantasy release date

Game General

  • Provider – Hotta Studio
  • In-app Purchases – Yes
  • Languages – Simplified Chinese
  • Tower of fantasyDiscord | Instagram
  • Required System Requirements – No System Requirements

An open-world role-playing game with anime visuals and a character that may be customised

The title’s free-to-play plan transports us to a futuristic science fiction universe where fighting will be split between melee weapons like swords and magic. All with a dash of craziness and vigour.

As you can see in the gameplay video at the bottom of this post, cinematics will also include exploration, riddles, and QTE (Quick Time Events). Tower of Fantasy takes use of the future look to incorporate new aspects to its open-world action idea.

The avatar will be highly customizable, with elements ranging from the colour of each part of the body to the facial profile’s disposition, as well as vehicles inspired by the science fiction books, such as motorbikes, sliders, and even jetpacks.

Tower of Fantasy is the first game from Hotta Studio, who revealed the project at ChinaJoy 2020, which took place in June.

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