The Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife Guide – It’s time for another BitLife challenge this week. This time in BitLife, we have the Friend to Foe Challenge, which will test your relationship-building abilities. You’ll need to make a few pals and then betray them in the most heinous way imaginable. It’s a homage to Harvey Dent, also known as Two Face, a DC Comics supervillain and Batman foe. Here’s how to finish BitLife’s Friend to Foe Challenge.

“You’re everyone’s best buddy in this challenge… until you’re not.”

How to complete the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife

The Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife Guide

In BitLife, you must kill six or more of your best friends to accomplish the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife Guide.

This week’s goal is simple, but it will take some time to fulfil. Making friends early in life is the simplest approach to achieve this one. Spend time with them, be pleasant to them, and hang out with them all the time. To improve your friendship levels faster, you may offer them presents.

Check the area under “Friends” on your relationships page to discover how many best friends you have at any particular time. When you have roughly six best friends, go to the Activities tab and select Crime from the drop-down menu. Now, murdering someone in BitLife puts you in danger of going to jail, something you’ll want to avoid if you want to finish the game safely.

In BitLife, killing someone invisibly, such as using poison or paying off a hitman, is an effective method to avoid going to jail. You will, of course, need to have some money set aside for the latter. Then, one by one, kill your buddies until you’ve “done the deed” to all six. When they’re all gone, the Friend to Foe Challenge is over, and you’re no longer in jail.

You will be rewarded with a random appearance item for your account after completing the Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife.

The Friend to Foe Challenge in BitLife Guide – Gamers Exploit Tip   

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