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Tales of Luminaria is the most recent anime RPG for Android and iOS smartphones. Many fans have already downloaded the game on their devices, but many are still unsure which character in Tales of Luminaria is the greatest. The fact that Tales of Luminaria features 21 protagonists, each with a unique and special skill, makes it difficult for fans to choose the finest Tales of Luminaria character.

If you’re having difficulties figuring out who the best character in Tales of Luminaria is, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve produced a Tales of Luminaria tier list that ranks all playable characters in the game based on their skills, abilities, and attributes.

Tales of Luminaria Character Tier List

S Tier

S-TierCelia ArvierJerle Foundation
S-TierAlexandra von SonneGildllan Empire
S-TierLeo FourcadeJerle Foundation

A Tier

A-TierMichelle BouquetJerle Foundation
A-TierAugust WallensteinGildllan Empire
A-TierBastien ForgeGildllan Empire
A-TierAna-Maria MarschnerAdventurers

B Tier

B-TierVanessa MoraxJerle Foundation
B-TierHugo SimonGildllan Empire
B-TierLaplaceGildllan Empire
B-TierGaspard HerbetGildllan Empire

C Tier

C-TierEdouard RouquierAdventurers
C-TierAmelie LaurenceGildllan Empire
C-TierMaxime HasselmansJerle Foundation
C-TierYelsyJerle Foundation

D Tier

D-TierFalkGildllan Empire
D-TierLucien DufaureJerle Foundation
D-TierLisette ReginerJerle Foundation
D-TierLydie DelacroixAdventurers

List of English & Japanese Voice Actors

Find the list of their English and Japanese voice actors Tales Of Luminaria characters below.

Tales of Luminaria Tier List (Jerle Foundation)

CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJP Voice Actor
Leo FourcadeAaron DismukeRyohei Arai
YelseySuzie YeungHimika Akaneya
Celia ArvierCristina VeeMiho Okasaki
Michelle BouquetDawn M. BennettYuna Ogata
Lisette RegnierColleen ClinkenbeardYu Shimamura
Lucien DafaureMicah SolusodYuto Uemura
Maxime HasseRicco FajardoSoma Saito
lmans VanessaJamie MarchiAnna Yamaki

Tales of Luminaria Tier List (Gildllan Empire)

CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJP Voice Actor
August WallensteinJ. Michael TatumYuichiro Umehara
Alexandra von Sonne —
Amelie LaurenceBryn ApprillAya Yamane
Bastien ForgeChristopher R. SabatRyota Takeuchi
Gaspard HerbetDaman MillsDaiki Hamano
Hugo SimonEric ValeKaito Takeda
LaplaceMonica RialUmeka Shoji

Tales of Luminaria Character (Adventurer)

Here are all characters and their voice actors featured in Tales of Luminaria – Adventurer below.

CharacterEnglish Voice ActorJP Voice Actor
FalkClifford ChapinKosuke Tabata
Edouard RouquierJason LiebrechtShogo Sakata
Lydie DelacroixCherami LeighMaaya Uchida
Ana-Maria MarschnerMegan ShipmanMiku Ito
CharlesRaoulBrittney KarbowskiMiyu Tomita

This concludes the Tales Of Luminaria Character Tier List Voice Actors Reroll Guide.

How To Reroll In Tales of Luminaria?

Tales Of Luminaria Character Tier List Voice Actors Reroll Guide
Tales Of Luminaria Character Tier List

It is just too easy to reroll your favourite characters in Tales of Luminaria. Those who are unfamiliar with the procedure must follow the procedures outlined below:

  • Start the game and go through the tutorial.
  • Collect all pre-registration goodies after the tutorial is completed.
  • Return to the gacha menu and spend all currency of weapons and outfits.
  • If you do not receive the necessary character, return to the home screen and hit the Menu button.
  • There, you must delete your account.
  • Once erased, you’ll have to go through the same steps again and again until you have the desired character.

So that’s everything there is to know about the Tales Of Luminaria Character Tier List Voice Actors Reroll Guide, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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