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Sword Master Story is a new hero collection game in which players must slash their way through the game. Every hero collector has a large roster of heroes from which to chose, which is where a Sword Master Story Tier List comes in. Here’s a Sword Master Story Tier List that ranks all of the game’s characters.

All Sword Master Story Character Tier List

The greatest characters begin in the S+ tier and progress to the C tier. S+ Tier must be regarded the greatest and most powerful in the game. S Tier is regarded good, A Tier is considered average, B Tier is considered below average, and C Tier is considered the worst in the game.

S+ Tier

CainS+ Tier
KanaS+ Tier
MeguminS+ Tier
YuiS+ Tier

S Tier

AquaS Tier
Dark LordS Tier
DarknessS Tier
LilithS Tier
MaryS Tier
OdinS Tier
RachaelS Tier

A Tier

AinaA Tier
ArtemisA Tier
AthenaA Tier
DarkA Tier
KalisiaA Tier
LuciferA Tier
TypeA Tier

B Tier

AresB Tier
BelphegorB Tier
CayronB Tier
GaiaB Tier
Joan of ArcB Tier
RaphaelB Tier
VivianB Tier

C Tier

AdolphC Tier
AliceC Tier
AnankeC Tier
BellaC Tier
CeresC Tier
ChaosC Tier
ChloeC Tier
HeraC Tier
HestiaC Tier
HippolytaC Tier
IrisC Tier
JohanC Tier
LynC Tier
MedusaC Tier
NikeC Tier
Sword Master Story Character Tier List

D Tier

EveD Tier
LenaD Tier
MedeaD Tier
MerlinD Tier
RinaD Tier
RobinD Tier
SophiaD Tier
SylviaD Tier

So that’s everything there is to know about the Sword Master Story Character Tier List, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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