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Our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Characters Tier List ranks the top melee, sword, and ranged fighters. With over 80 playable characters, it may appear difficult to discover the finest fighters, but for your convenience, we have ranked them from best to worst from S Tier to F Tier.

Scroll down to see all of the combatants in our Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List. The finest characters in the game are in S Tier, and the poorest characters in the game are in F Tier.

Best Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List 2021

S Tier

DaisyS Tier
JokerS Tier
MarioS Tier
PalutenaS Tier
PeachS Tier
PikachuS Tier
ShulkS Tier
SnakeS Tier
WarioS Tier
WolfS Tier
Zero Suit SamusS Tier

A Tier

ChromA Tier
FoxA Tier
GreninjaA Tier
InklingA Tier
LucinaA Tier
Mr. Game & WatchA Tier
OlimarA Tier
Pac-ManA Tier
Pokemon Trainer (Charizard)A Tier
Pokemon Trainer (Ivysaur)A Tier
Pokemon Trainer (Squirtle)A Tier
R.O.B.A Tier
RoyA Tier
Young LinkA Tier

B Tier

BowserB Tier
Captain FalconB Tier
CloudB Tier
Dark SamusB Tier
Diddy KongB Tier
Duck HuntB Tier
IkeB Tier
KenB Tier
LinkB Tier
Mega ManB Tier
Min MinB Tier
NessB Tier
RyuB Tier
SamusB Tier
SheikB Tier
SonicB Tier
TerryB Tier
Wii Fit TrainerB Tier
YoshiB Tier
ZeldaB Tier

C Tier

BayonettaC Tier
BylethC Tier
CorrinC Tier
Dark PitC Tier
FalcoC Tier
HeroC Tier
LucasC Tier
LuigiC Tier
MarthC Tier
Meta KnightC Tier
Mii BrawlerC Tier
PichuC Tier
PitC Tier
RidleyC Tier
RobinC Tier
Rosalina & LumaC Tier
Toon LinkC Tier
VillagerC Tier

D Tier

Banjo & KazooieD Tier
Bowser Jr.D Tier
Donkey KongD Tier
Ice ClimbersD Tier
IsabelleD Tier
JigglypuffD Tier
King DededeD Tier
King K. RoolD Tier
KirbyD Tier
LucarioD Tier
MewtwoD Tier
Mii GunnerD Tier
Mii SwordfighterD Tier
Piranha PlantD Tier
RichterD Tier
SimonD Tier
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tier List

F Tier

Dr. MarioF Tier
GanondorfF Tier
IncineroarF Tier
Little MacF Tier

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