Dragon Ball Heroes was released in November of 2010. However, it was so popular that it was relaunched in 2016 as Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Then we have the current edition of the game Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, which was published in 2019.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Tier List

God TierSH1-SEC2 Vegito: SSGSS (EL)
God TierSH2-SEC Cell (Xeno): Perfect (BS)
God TierSH3-SEC3 Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
God TierSH4-SEC2 Dark-Masked King (EL)
God TierSH6-SEC2 Great Priest (SP)
God TierUM2-031 Goku: Super Saiyan (Beserk) (BS)
God TierUM2-SEC Goku: Ultra Instinct (BS)
God TierUM2-SEC3 Evil Saiyan (BS)
Z TierSH2-58 Demon God Gravy (BS)
Z TierSH2-SEC2 Bardock (Xeno) (HR)
Z TierSH5-SEC Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
Z TierSH6-SEC3 Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan Kaioken (BS)
Z TierSH7-SEC Bardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
Z TierSH7-SEC2 Dark Broly (BS)
Z TierSH8-SEC Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Z TierUM1-62 Gogeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Z TierUM1-SEC Goku: Ultra Instinct (HR)
Z TierUM1-SEC3 Fu (EL)
Z TierUM2-034 Vegeta: SSGSS (HR)
Z TierUM2-SEC Golden Cooler (EL)
Tier 1SH2-49 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)
Tier 1SH2-57 Demon Goddess Putine (EL)
Tier 1SH2-60 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)
Tier 1SH3-35 Android 17 (HR)
Tier 1SH4-36 Hit (HR)
Tier 1SH4-SEC Mechikabura (SP)
Tier 1SH5-33 Golden Frieza (HR)
Tier 1SH5-50 Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan (EL)
Tier 1SH5-SEC2 Janemba (Xeno): Evil Demon (EL)
Tier 1SH6-42 Kale (BS)
Tier 1SH6-SEC Dark Demon God Buu (Xeno): Xeno Janemba Absorbed (EL)
Tier 1SH7-25 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
Tier 1SH8-21 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (EL)
Tier 1SH8-52 Supreme Kai of Time: Time Power Unleashed (EL)
Tier 1SH8-53 Bardock (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
Tier 1SH8-SEC2 King Vegeta (EL)
Tier 1UM1-17 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
Tier 1UM1-19 Vegeta: SSGSS (Evolved) (EL)
Tier 1UM1-63 Broly: Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Tier 1UM1-SEC2 Jiren: Full Power (BS)
Tier 2SH1-40 Zamasu (Fused) (BS)
Tier 2SH1-54 Demon Goddess Towa (HR)
Tier 2SH1-SEC Raditz: Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
Tier 2SH2-51 Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (EL)
Tier 2SH3-27 Goku: SSGSS (BS)
Tier 2SH3-49 Vegito (Xeno) (EL)
Tier 2SH3-59 Frieza: Riding Pod (SP)
Tier 2SH4-29 Vegeta: SSGSS (BS)
Tier 2SH4-50 Trunks (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)
Tier 2SH4-59 Demon God Salsa (EL)
Tier 2SH5-39 Jiren (HR)
Tier 2SH5-52 Demon God Shroom (BS)
Tier 2SH6-25 Goku (HR)
Tier 2SH6-43 Caulifa: Super Saiyan 2 (BS)
Tier 2SH6-59 Demon Goddess Towa (EL)
Tier 2SH7-47 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
Tier 2SH7-59 Mira: Towa Absorbed (EL)
Tier 2SH7-61 Dark Masked King (BS)
Tier 2SH7-SEC3 Kefla: Super Saiyan (HR)
Tier 2SH8-50 Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Tier 2UM1-59 Goku (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
Tier 2UM2-036 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)
Tier 2UM2-037 Mai (SP)
Tier 3SH1-29 Goku: SSGSS (HR)
Tier 3SH1-49 Trunks (Xeno) (HR)
Tier 3SH1-50 Vegeks (Xeno) (EL)
Tier 3SH1-60 Bulma (SP)
Tier 3SH2-59 Gine (SP)
Tier 3SH3-58 Demon God Dabura (Xeno) (HR)
Tier 3SH4-56 Turles (Xeno): Rampaging (BS)
Tier 3SH5-58 Gohanks (Xeno) (HR)
Tier 3SH7-42 Dyspo (HR)
Tier 3SH7-60 Paragus (Xeno) (HR)
Tier 3SH8-47 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
Tier 3UM1-61 Vegeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
Tier 3UM1-64 Bardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
Tier 3UM2-032 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
Tier 3UM2-060 Android 21 (EL)
Tier 4SH6-46 Toppo (HR)
Tier 4SH7-43 Macarita (EL)
Tier 4SH8-39 Analiza (SP)
Tier 4SH8-61 Mechikabura (SP)
Tier 4UM1-54 Goku (EL)
Tier 4UM1-56 Trunks (Future) (HR)
Tier 4UM1-60 Gohan (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Tier List
Super Dragon Ball Heroes Tier List

This concludes the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Tier List.

Despite the fact that Super Dragon Ball Heroes directly references events from Dragon Ball Super, it creates its own canon that is a mash-up of everything.

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