Stellaris, makes exploring the amazing universe of space more interesting and enjoyable. Make it more engaging and interactive by using the Stellaris Origin tier list. This tier list is for everyone, whether you’re a rookie or just sick of the same old origin.
Exposing what the game has in store for you, achieving control, managing your kingdom, and waging war against other interplanetary civilizations in this huge 4X real-time strategy game can be intimidating at first, but ultimately rewarding.

To add some spice to the game, you can practically upgrade your empire. Don’t be afraid to use this Stellaris Origin tier list to push your empire to the next level. The only need is that your species fit nicely and that DLC be installed. Once you’ve done so, you’ll be able to select & origin from the list below.

Stellaris Origin Tier List 2021

Common Ground — This game requires the Federations DLC

Common Ground is the tier in the Stellaris Origin tier list. If you want to understand negotiations, Common Ground is the place to be. You will be the President of a Galactic Union Federation in this origin, and you will be in regular touch with the other two empires. As you go through the game, things take a sharp turn, and you’ll be forced to cut ties with those two nations.

Mechanist – Utopic DLC is required

Do you want to put robots to work for you? How about an army of robots who are constantly on the lookout for ways to help you? If this notion appealed to you, Merchanist from the Stellaris Origin tier list is the ideal choice. This source provides Robot assembly factory settings as well as 8 distinct robots. This is the finest start you could ask for, and it also saves you a lot of money.

Shattered Ring — This game requires the Federations DLC

Because it provides a starting planet, this origin is ideal for individuals who desire to play with many empires. Your homeworld will be ringed by a massive ring, providing you with a Ring World Segment. These portions change depending on your empire, and some of its aspects are not repairable. In such circumstances, you can strip mine for early resources, which will suffice.

Prosperous Unification

If you believe in harmony, then Prosperous Unification is for you. The whole people of your empire banded together and worked together to attain the same objective. With the Prosperous Unification feature, this origin provides 4 more populations and 2 new districts.

Void Dwellersn – Federations DLC is required.
This is the fantastic source that enables your community to thrive in artificial environments. It’s all about abandoning the idea to take over other interplanetary worlds and instead establishing your home and bringing your race to life. Instead of looking for the perfect world based on your habitat preferences, you will create a new one just for them.

Sion – The Federations DLC is required

The benefits and advantages of this origin are determined by how effectively you use the gift from the fallen empire.

Because it has a spiritualist start, this origin in our Stellaris tier list might be beneficial to your empire. The operation of this origin is as follows:

  • You and the fallen empire offer each other 100 favourable feedbacks.
  • Every few decades, the fallen empire bestows upon you something strong.
  • Your fallen empire ally provides you a temporary fleet to fight back if you are losing a 20-year-long battle.
Stellaris Origin Tier List

Remnants — This item requires the Ancient Relics DLC

Do you love conducting research? Do you want to learn more about the empire’s ancestors? If so, Remnants is the place to be. It provides a size 22 Relic World with 5 Ruined Arcology blocks. When you clear these blocks, random technology is launched. These technologies are proven to provide you with indirect benefits in the future and work as a tremendous boost to your study endeavour.

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