There are a thousand holes in this globe.
Cities established by humans were destroyed by a sudden meteorite shower.
It also brought in alien invaders to reconstruct human civilisation by commanding armies and managing cities in the post-apocalyptic planet…

Collect survival resources, recruit soldiers, and construct bases– As the end of the world approaches, you’ll need more and more resources and men to reinforce the survivors’ base.

Starship Zerg Invasion Launch APK Codes

Starship Zerg Invasion Launch

Platform – Android

Starship Zerg Invasion APK

The description of Starship: Zerg Invasion (by KYoo Games)

Starship Zerg Invasion Gift Codes

Gift Code: Survivor, Newbie

Build the most powerful army possible to oppose the alien invaders

Upgrade your technology, extend your area, and assemble the most powerful survivors.
The defensive path leads nowhere.
To reclaim lost ground, you must lead your forces in developing strategies and attacking consistently.

Starship Zerg Invasion

Join the faction, annihilate foreign foes, and battle for your life!

It’s better to have two heads than one. Fighting alone is not a viable option for survival.
The secret to victory is a mixture of all thoughts and strength.
Compete against players from across the world.

Allies and foes come from all around the world.

Creating a strong, dependable, and powerful alliance with actual worldwide gamers, and defeating your opponents through negotiation, crushing, or even intrigue with all of your allies.

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