Trying to find the Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for it. In this essay, we will discuss the finest Character in Seven Knights 2 and which Hero to choose as you begin your adventure in the game.

So let’s start with the Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide, which we’ve previously sorted in a logical order for your convenience.

Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide

Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide described below:

Simply press Ctrl+F on your keyboard to search for any character. On a mobile device, tap the three dots in the top right corner of the browser.

After that, type the character’s name into the search box and check for them in the tier list below.

In the pop-up box that appears, use the arrows to navigate.This will change the focus of the screen to the character you’re looking for. Let’s see the Seven Knights 2 Tier List Characters and more.

SilvestaS – TIER
KyleS – TIER
ClemythA – TIER
AmeliaA – TIER
JaveA – TIER
Da QiaoA – TIER
Colt AceA – TIER
KyrielleA – TIER
AtalantaA – TIER
PlatinA – TIER
EvanA – TIER
WukongA – TIER
KarlA – TIER
Ryan RyanB – TIER
ElysiaB – TIER
VanessaB – TIER
RoroB – TIER
KnoxB – TIER
KaguraC – TIER
RudyC – TIER
NezhaC – TIER
Yu ShinC – TIER
EileenC – TIER
SpikeC – TIER
IngridC – TIER
OrlyC – TIER
KlahanD – TIER
ChancellorD – TIER
DellonsD – TIER
AragonD – TIER
YeonheeD – TIER
ChloeD – TIER
HeaveniaF – TIER
KarinF – TIER
RookF – TIER
MihoF – TIER
LinaF – TIER

Seven Knights 2 Reroll Guide

Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide

A reroll guide is included in this Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide . This is extremely useful for obtaining new and powerful heroes.

Fortunately, the game allows you to reroll for new heroes.

To do so, follow the instructions below:

To begin, enter the game and ensure that your game account is unlinked.

Create a new guest account now.

Continue playing until you reach Estella’s Shop.

When you arrive, go to the menu and select settings.

Copy your ID by going to the Account Tab.

Now go to and paste your username and password.

This will send you a slew of in-game gifts to your inbox.

Create a hero, a pet, and an equipment ticket now.

Using Topaz, go to the store and purchase a Hero Selection ticket.

Remove the Legendary Ticket from your mailbox and open it.

In Estella’s Shop, use all of the leftover heroes tickets and rubies.

Next, select Evan Heroes Banner from the Heroes Selection Banner.

Regardless of what happens, do not use the 10x Summon option. Choose a hero using the Hero Selection ticket.

Rep these steps until you have all of the Legendary heroes.

This concludes the Seven Knights 2 Tier List and Reroll Guide.

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