Saxy Gamer 6 Tier List 2022 & Updates

By skylah •  Updated: 11/30/21

You are all welcome here. By reading the words that follow, you can find out more about the updates, codes, and other important topics: 6 Tier Saxy Gamer List Newly released ranks for the Civilization 6 Tier List by Saxy Gamer. The title of the film, “Civ 6 Waifu Tier List,” is actually quite humorous. The movie is really funny and will make gamers smile. particularly given that you enjoy the game. The text that is linked together above also contains the video. Now let’s look at the whole Civ 6 Tier List rankings.

Saxy Gamer 6 Tier List Rankings

  • On your desktop, just press Ctrl+F to search for any character. To access your phone’s browser on a mobile device, click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  • After that, input the character’s name and search for them in the list of tiers below.
  • Utilize the arrows on the resulting pop-up box. The character you’re looking for will automatically shift to the center of the screen as a result.
  • The Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List Rankings are displayed here.
  • Credit for gathering this information goes to Reddit user u/amethystair!

Saxy Gamer Civilization 6 Tier List

S Tier List

S Tier List Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Cyrus Persian S
Frederick German S
Kupe Māori S
Peter Russian S
Saladin Arabian S

A Tier List

A Tier List Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Amanitore Nubian A
Hojo Tokimune Japanese A
John Curtin Australian A
Mansa Musa Mali A
Matthias Hungarian A
Pericles Greek A
Robert the Bruce Scottish A
Seondeok Korean A
Teddy Roosevelt American A
B Tier List
B Tier List Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Catherine French B
Genghis Khan Mongolian B
Gilgamesh Sumerian B
Gitarja Indonesian B
Gorgo Greek B
Jadwiga Polish B
Kristina Swedish B
Montezuma Aztec B
Pachacuti Incan B
Pedro Brazilian B
Poundmaker Cree B
Qin Shi Quang Chinese B
Shaka Zulu B
Suleiman Ottoman B
Trajan Roman B
Wilhelmina Dutch B
C Tier List
C Tier List Leader Civilization OverallTierRanking
Alexander Macedonian C
Chandragupta Indian C
Cleopatra Egyptian C
Dido Phoenician C
Eleanor (France) French C
Lautaro Mapuche C
Tomyris Scythian C
Victoria English C
Wilfrid Laurier Canadian C

D Tier List

D Tier List Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Eleanor (England) English D
Jayavarman Khmer D
Mvemba Kongolese D
Tamar Georgian D
F Tier List
F Tier List Leader Civilization Overall Tier Ranking
Gandhi Indian F
Harald Norwegian F
Phillip Spanish F
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