Today, I’ll discuss the new rush Royale meta deck Thunderer Grindstone Deck for Arena 9+.

This deck has a high victory rate and a high use rate in Arena 12 and Arena 13, and with the latest boost, Thunderer has become the new meta in rush Royale, which means your opponent may also have a Thunderer deck.

Keep in mind that Rank 1 Thunderer only strikes the first target, Rank 2 Thunderer hits an extra target (2 targets) with chain damage, and Rank 3 Thunderer hits 3 targets at the same time with chain damage while using this Thunderer Grindstone Deck. 

To do additional damage to monsters, you must fill your board with rank 3 or rank 4 thunderers.

Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck Arena 9+

Thunderer Grindstone Deck for Arena 9+

Thunderer Grindstone Deck is excellent for Arena 8 players, and I used it to win consecutive matches in the Rush Royale Royal Trials tournament. 

This Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck is free to play, and you can simply upgrade your cards. 

8th or 9th grade 

Thunderer is a powerful character, thus I recommend that you improve your cards to enhance your critical damage.

This deck has several powerful cards, such as Engineer, Plague Doctor, and my personal favorite, Vampire or Chemist. 

This Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck includes a grindstone to boost damage and critical damage.

Before the first boss tries to load your board with 2 – 3 Rank 1 Thunder and 2 Rank 2 Thunder, with Plague Doctor and Engineer to help them.

Before the second boss, you should have at least 2 – 3 Rank 3 Thunderers and 2 – 3 Rank 3 Engineers, surrounded by a grindstone.

After the second boss, make sure your Thunderer and Grindstone are maxed out since the critical damage chances of the grindstone climb to 26.2 percent, which is quite high.

So, that concludes this guide, and I hope you liked reading this Rush Royale Thunderer Grindstone Deck for Arena 9 Guide.

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