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On November 27th, 2021, the new Roblox Islands Maple Isles update was launched! This patch introduces the new Maple Isles area, where you may discover tree taps, turkeys, and create your own syrup! There are also raspberries to pick, fruit baskets to manufacture and fill, and syrup products to prepare so you can spice up those newly added pancakes! The patch notes contain all of the specifics from the upgrade.

Roblox Islands Maple Isles Patch Notes

Added the Maple Isles! This is a permanent new location where you can discover tree taps, turkeys, and syrup!
Follow the quests to start construction on your own pancake factory!

Added turkeys! Bring one home from the Maple Isles to help you harvest berries!
Added raspberries and prickly raspberry bushes!
Added berry baskets & industrial baskets to hold turkey-harvested berries
Added tree taps to extract sap from maple trees
Added maple syrup to use in recipes
Added sap boiler to turn sap into syrup
Added syrup bottler to store maple syrup
Added various pancakes! (Regular, berry, sweet, and more…)
Added Maple Shield and Antler Shield
Added Antler Hammer
Added Antler Dagger
Added six new pieces of Maple Isles furniture!
Added a mystical boss to Turkey Island.. It’s said to possess the secret to a powerful pancake recipe..

Roblox Islands Maple Isles Update Log Patch Notes

Roblox Islands Maple Isles Update Log Patch Notes

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