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Another anime-themed Roblox game is Anime Dimensions. The game is an RPG in which you must select a character and complete tasks to acquire in-game cash (gems), new characters, or power up your current character. Every character in Anime Dimensions has their own set of skills, which is why a tier list is essential. Here’s a list of all the characters in Roblox Anime Dimensions, ranked by Tier.

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List

In Anime Dimensions, all 18 characters are categorised into seven tiers: S, A, B, C, D, E, and F, with S being the strongest and F being the lowest. Here is a list of all the characters, sorted by tier.

S Tier

  • Alturia

A Tier

  • Meguretsu
  • Zetsu
  • Kodotoki

B Tier

  • Ramura
  • Nojo

C Tier

  • Pasta
  • Tonjuro
  • Fluffy

D Tier

  • Yakaza
  • Itabori
  • Roku
  • Reku

E Tier

  • Cherry
  • Hatsu
  • Kirua

F Tier

  • Ichini
  • Nardo

This concludes the Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List.

Choosing the ideal character is only half the battle; the powers you combine with the characters also have an influence on the total damage. Here’s a list of all the skills available to Anime Dimensions characters.

List of Anime Dimensions and Abilities

Roblox Anime Dimensions Tier List
AlturiaCross SlashFlying SliceMana BurstExcalibur
CherryThrow KunaiBlossom CrushHealBlossom Strike
HatsuDragon FistDragon RoarWing AttackBlaze
IchiniPiercerSpin SlashCrossSoul Piercer
ItaboriRapid FistDivergent FistBlack FlashCursed Awakening
KiruaThunder PalmLighting RainWhirlwindGodspeed
KodotokiIce WallFire FistFire WallFreezing Heatwave
MeguretsuFlame BurstFlame BeamTornado (Flame)Explosion
NardoThrow KunaiShadow CloneEnergy BallEnergy Shuriken
NojoBlueRedCurtainHollow Purple
PastaSlash (Black)Black MeteoriteBlack HurricaneDivider (Black)
RamuraBlack LightningGluttonyFlareGod’s Wrath
RekuFinger SmashHand SmashFlying SmashLighting Smash
RokuRapid PunchKi BlastKi BeamSpirit Bomb
TonjuroWater SlashWater WheelWhirlpoolFlowing Dance
YakazaAir ExplosionAnnihilationCrushCompass
ZetsuFlashSix FoldKiwaniThunder God

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