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A Bizarre Journey is a Roblox RPG game that is highly influenced by the manga series Bizarre Adventure. Players must select among the manga series’ different characters; with so many characters to pick from, a Tier list is required. Players must travel throughout the world, completing objectives and battling villains to acquire new powers, which, when coupled with the correct character, may make you invincible in the game. The following is a tier list of all the characters in Roblox A Bizarre Journey.

All playable characters in Roblox A Bizarre Journey are classified into seven tiers: S+, S, A, B+, B, C, and D, with S+ being the strongest and D being the lowest. Here is a list of all the playable characters, sorted by tier.

Roblox A Bizarre Journey Tier List

S+ Tier characters in A Bizarre Journey

  • Rainbow Star Platinum Requiem
  • Megumin
  • Jevil
  • Rainbow DTW
  • Sprite
  • Galaxy X Sans
  • SS Chara
  • Tusk Act 4
  • Galaxy X-Chara

S Tier characters in A Bizarre Journey

  • XGaster
  • Rainbow Gaster
  • Hyper Pot
  • Shadow Jotaro’s Star Platinum
  • STW
  • Galaxy Shadow The World
  • Shadow Dio
  • Skid Experience
  • Saitama
  • Last Breath Sans
  • Noob Stand
  • JSP
  • She Moon
  • Pot leader
  • Bruh Platinum
  • Flushed TW
  • Flushed SP
  • Retro OH
  • Pan Platinum
  • Hidden Beast
  • Glitch
  • Frisk Spec
  • TWOH
  • Tusk Act 3

A Tier Characters In A Bizarre Journey

  • World Fire Stand
  • Meme Tw
  • Space Gun
  • Sonic Exe
  • 20 Million Stand
  • SPR
  • Delta Sans
  • Gaster
  • Sans
  • XSans
  • Xchara
  • Reaper
  • Error Stand
  • Hallow Spec
  • Void Tusk
  • DTW
  • Smug Dancer
  • Hyper Sonic
  • Shattered Dimensions
  • STWR
  • Tusk Act 2

B+ Tier Characters In A Bizarre Journey

  • Spovaoh
  • Shiny SCR
  • SCR
  • Sonic Spec
  • Sonic Exe spec
  • GER
  • KCR
  • Demonic SP
  • Cosmic Mario
  • Ice Platinum
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Mario
  • Devil Dominus
  • Tusk Act 1
  • ULF
  • Spova

B Tier Characters In A Bizarre Journey

  • Twova
  • TWR
  • KC
  • Crab Rave Spec
  • Kars
  • New Coffin Dancer
  • Miku Stand
  • Earth SP
  • Sun SP
Roblox A Bizarre Journey

C Tier Characters In A Bizarre Journey

  • Twoh
  • Odd Stand

D Tier Characters In A Bizarre Journey

  • All Arrow Stand
  • Standless

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