Welcome to our Raid Shadow Legends Champions List guide.

Raid Shadow Legends is a freemium mobile game with a large selection of characters. If you enjoy playing video games, you are probably aware of how tough it is to distinguish between the greatest and worst characters in a game with a large number of characters. Raid Shadow Legends is no different.

We ranked all characters available in the game in our Raid Shadow Legends tier list based on their overall performance. After going through this tier list, you will be able to choose the best champions to use in combat.

Whether you’ve been playing for a while or are new to this freemium mobile game, our Raid Shadow Legends tier list will assist you in finding the finest champions to win every battle.

Banner Lords

  • S-Tier –  Septimus, Raglin, Sethalia, Baron
  • A-Tier – Lord Champfort, Cillian the Lucky, Minaya, Black Knight, Lugan the Steadfast, Richtoff the Bold, Oathbound, Stag Knight, Rowan, Warcaster
  • B-Tier – Vanguard, Chevalier, Myrmidon, Halberdier, Conqueror, Preserver, Azure, Knight Errant, Seneschal, Hordin
  • C-Tier – Lordly Legionary, Masked Fearmonger, Valerie, Grandmaster, Steadfast Marshal
  • D-Tier – Quaestor, Bombardier, Cataphract, Courtier, Crossbowman

High Elves

  • S-Tier –  Royal Huntsman, Arbiter, Tayrel, Apothecary, Elhain, Thenasil, Belanor, Yannica, Lyssandra
  • A-Tier – Elenaril, Shirimani, Basileus Roanas, Ithos, Royal Guard, Luthiea, Vergis, Marksman, Jinglehunter, Battlesage, Heiress
  • B-Tier – Reliquary Tender, Hyria, Exemplar, Fencer
  • C-Tier – Adjudicator
  • D-Tier – Interceptor, Magister, Avenger

Sacred Order

  • S-Tier – Marty, Cupidus, Sir Nicholas, Venus, Athel, Lightsworn, Fenax, Abbess, Roshcard the Tower
  • A-Tier –Errol, Hope, Juliana, Aothar, Relickeeper, Romero, Mistress of Hymns, Cardinal
  • B-Tier –Mother Superior, Warpriest, Penitent, Templar, Lamellar, Draconis, Bushi, Sanctioned Purifier, Tallia, Frostbringer, Canoness
  • C-Tier –Adriel, Chaplain, Confessor, Justiciar, Sanctum Protector, Solaris
  • D-Tier –  Renouncer, Purgator, Headsman, Harrier, Maiden, Judicator, Hospitaller, Witness, Missionary


  • S-Tier – Scyl of the Drakes, Valkyrie, Turvold, Ursuga Warcaller, Warmaiden, Kallia
  • A-Tier – Altan, Elder Skarg, Kantra the Cyclone, Sikara, Atur, Alika, High Khatun, Skytouched Shaman, Valla, Marked, Sentinel, Berserker, Soulbound Bowyer
  • B-Tier – Skirmisher, Dunestrider, Anointed, Elder, Woad-Painted, Teshada, Baroth the Bloodsoaked
  • C-Tier – Aina, Maeve, Suwai Firstborn, Hill Nomad, Bloodbraid, Ragemonger
  • D-Tier –Ox, Slayer, Jotun


  • S-Tier –Bellower, Maneater, Grush the Mangler, Skullcrusher, Shamrock, War Mother, Big ‘Un
  • A-Tier –Ignatius, Gurgoh the Augur, Grimskin, Cagebreaker, Towering Titan
  • B-Tier –Wagonbane, Furystoker, Shatterbones, Galkut, Gurptuk Moss-Beard, Drokgul the Gaunt
  • C-Tier –Occult Brawler, Rocktooth, Pounder, Siegebreaker, Stoneskin
  • D-Tier – Flesheater, Magmablood, Fortress Goon


  • S-Tier – Dracomorph, Fu-Shan, Krisk the Ageless, Jareg, Rhazin Scarhide
  • A-Tier –Vergumkaar, Jizoh
  • B-Tier –Hurler, Skullsworn, Bogwalker, Gator, Broadmaw, Drake, Basilisk, Jarang, Skull Lord Var-Gall
  • C-Tier –Muckstalker, Skink, Slitherbrute
  • D-Tier – Flinger


  • S-Tier – Steelskull, Khoronar, Norog
  • A-Tier – Brakus the Shifter, Longbeard, Hakkorhn Smashlord, Warchief, Fayne, Reinbeast, Snorting Thug, Basher, Graybeard
  • B-Tier –Grappler, Fleshmonger, Gnalhorn, Channeler, Bloodpainter, Yaga the Insatiable, Ursine Ironhide, Ursine Icecrusher, Flesh-Tearer
  • C-Tier – Taurus, Ripper
  • D-Tier – Bloodhorn


  • S-Tier – Vrask, Zargala, Warlord, Kreela Witch-Arm, Robar
  • A-Tier – Teela Goremane, Angar, Sandlashed Survivor, Tuhak the Wanderer, Galek, Veteran
  • B-Tier – Raider, Seer, Shaman, Bonekeeper, Ultimate Galek, Grohak the Bloodied
  • C-Tier – Torturehelm, Bloodfeather, Terrorbeast, Deathchanter, Chopper, Ironclad, Ripperfist
  • D-Tier –  Wyvernbane, Twinclaw Disciple, Huntress, Totem, Treefeller, Goremask, Spikehead


  • S-Tier – Candraphon, Duchess Lilitu, Umbral Enchantress, Peydma, Nazana, Mortu-Macaab, Tyrant Ixlimor, Prince Kymar
  • A-Tier – Drexthar Bloodtwin, Lord Shazar, Inithwe Bloodtwin, Cruetraxa, Alure, Excruciator, Infernal Baroness, Tainix Hateflower, Marquis, Fellhound
  • B-Tier – Marquess, Diabolist, Hellgazer, Souldrinker, Erinyes
  • C-Tier – Tormentor
  • D-Tier –  Malbranche, Ifrit, Hellfang, Hound Spawn

Raid Shadow Legends Champions List

Raid Shadow Legends Champions List
Raid Shadow Legends Champions List

Undead Hordes

  • S-Tier – Bad-el-Kazar, Bloodgorged, Ma’Shalled, Nethril, Seeker, Gorgorab, Suzerain Katonn, Siphi the Lost Bride, Saito, Rotos the Lost Groom, Skartosis
  • A-Tier – Harvest Jack, Mausoleum Mage, Lich, Zelotah, Doomscreech, Drowned Bloatwraith, Frozen Banshee, Seducer
  • B-Tier – Defiled Sinner, Rotting Mage, Corpulent Cadaver, Grinner, Temptress, Banshee, Corpse Collector, Husk, Dark Elhain, Dark Athel, Catacomb Councilor, Crypt-King Graal
  • C-Tier – Karam, Hexia, Sorceress, Wretch, Bone Knight
  • D-Tier –  Armantine Skeleton, Stitched Beast, Hollow, Gravechill Killer, Arbalester, Amarantine Skeleton, Ghoulish Ranger

Dark Elves

The Dark Elves Raid Shadow Legends Champions List.

  • S-Tier – Rae, Zavia, Ghostborn, Visix the Unbowed, Lua, Kael, Madame Serris, Lanakis the Chosen, Blind Seer, Queen Eva, Foli
  • A-Tier – Vizier Ovelis, Astralith, Spider, Crimson Helm, Fang Cleric, Kaiden, Luria, Warden, Psylar, Spirithost, Pain Keeper
  • B-Tier – Eviscerator, Retainer, Coldheart, Hexweaver, Mystic Hand, Judge, Captain Temila
  • C-Tier –Delver, Steel Bowyer. Wanderer, Paragon, Harvester

Knight Revenant

  • S-Tier –  Golden Reaper, Skullcrown, Miscreated Monster, Sepulcher Sentinel, Doompriest, Sinesha, Soulless
  • A-Tier – Bystophus, Tomb Lord, Hegemon, Crypt Witch, Wurlim Frostking, Pitiless One, Deathless, Executioner
  • B-Tier – Renegade, Crimson Slayer, Guardian, Gladiator, Magus, Theurgist, Whisper, Kytis, Necrohunter
  • C-Tier – Faceless, Arcanist, Centurion, Daywalker, Coffin Smasher
  • D-Tier – Acolyte


  • S-Tier –Rearguard Sergeant, Grizzled Jarl, Maulie Tankard, Tormin the Cold, Trunda Giltmallet
  • A-Tier – Mountain King, Baerdal Fellhammer, Gala Longbraids, Rock Breaker, Dilgol
  • B-Tier – Stout Axeman, Runic Warder, Avir the Alchemage, Grumbler, Cudgeler
  • C-Tier –Hatchet Slinger, Madman, Master Butcher
  • D-Tier –  Painsmith, Bulwark, Perforator, Honor Guard, Gloria Brutebane, Dolor Lorekeeper, Beast Wrestler

This concludes the Raid Shadow Legends Champions List.

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