Do you need a Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List?

We have the perfect list for you. The ranks of all the classes in the game are shown here, ordered from best to worst in the game. Keep in mind that these rankings are based on our knowledge of the game and its mechanics.

Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List Rankings

SwordsmanS – TIERSwordsman is a fantastic attacking and defensive character. Its versatility makes it a useful character.
MageS – TIERMage is useful in studying the various characteristics of monsters. This helps out the other members of the team.
High PriestA – TIERHigh Priest is an excellent defensive player to have on your side. In fact, it’s possible that it’s the finest defensive character in the game.
ArcherA – TIERArcher is a good offensive character. However, it is only useful in ranged combat matches.
MerchantA – TIERMerchant has various types of buying and selling skills. Helps with the inventory and can carry a good amount of stuff.
ThiefA – TIERThief isn’t all very powerful. It is, nevertheless, a character that works well with the sly sort of gaming.
AcolyteB – TIERAcolyte helps in healing teammates. No other purpose than this feature.
Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List
Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List

This concludes the Ragnarok Origin Class Tier List.

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