Welcome to our Ragnarok Origin Class Guide. Here, you’ll learn how the eighteen various classes interact.

You’re a complete newbie when you build your first Ranganrok Origin character. There was no good equipment, no exceptional powers, and no obvious goal. However, as you progress through the game, you’ll discover that there are a plethora of various classes and pathways to pick from. To learn about the career progressions, have a look at a Ragnarok Origin Class guide.

Each of the six primary classes in Ragnarok Origin has two secondary job progressions. The levels required to unlock each job are listed below (class).

Ragnarok Origin Class Guide

  • Base Level 10 – First Job
    • Swordsman, Mage, Acolyte, Thief, Archer, Merchant
  • Base Level 40 / Job Level 40 – Second Job
    • Knight, Wizard, Priest, Assassin, Hunter, Blacksmith
  • Base Level 70 / Second Job Level 40 – Third Job
    • Lord Knight, High Wizard, High Priest, Assassin Cross, Sniper, Whitesmith

Ragnarok Origin Classes Described

  • Swordsman > Knight > Lord Knight
  • Mage > Wizard > High Wizard
  • Acolyte > Priest > High Priest
  • Thief > Assassin > Assassin Cross
  • Archer > Hunter > Sniper
  • Merchant > Blacksmith > Whitesmith

Swordsman > Knight > Lord Knight

The swordsman lesson is a simple and beginner-friendly class. Your mission is to get in the enemy’s face and act as a tank, armed with melee weapons. You are the group’s primary guardian, but you can also deal serious harm. STR, AGI, and DEX will be your stats. The swordsman can rise through the ranks to become a Knight and then a Lord Knight.

Mage > Wizard > High Wizard

Your primary function as a mage is to do massive amounts of damage to enemies. Because you’re a little soft, you have to be careful not to get smacked too hard. The magician is also an excellent farmer. This is the class for you if you enjoy playing casters. The mage can develop to the levels of Wizard and High Wizard, with DEX and INT as the key stats.

Acolyte > Priest > High Priest

In Ragnarok Origin, the acolyte is the primary healing class. You, along with a good knight, will be in high demand for groups. Building out a combat priest can dole out some decent PVE damage, but they aren’t as useful in groups. DEX and INT will be your primary stats to begin with. After levelling up, you can become a Priest or a High Priest.

Ragnarok Origin Class Guide

Thief > Assassin > Assassin Cross

The thief class is for you if you enjoy hiding in the shadows. The thief is a fast-moving class whose primary goal is to backstab your opponents. The thief’s major attributes to work on are STR and AGI. Once you’ve reached a certain level, you can become an Assassin and then an Assassin Cross.

Archer > Hunter > Sniper

In Ragnarok Origin, the hunter is a formidable ranged class. If you’re planning to play solo, the archer is a wonderful choice, but it may also be used in groups. AGI and DEX will be your key focal attributes. You can develop a Hunter and eventually a Sniper as you go.

Merchant > Blacksmith > Whitesmith

The merchant is one of Ragnarok Origin’s more unusual classes. This class improves your trade abilities and allows you to earn some in-game money. Despite the fact that merchants deal in currency, they remain strong. STR, AGI, and DEX will be your primary attributes. You can progress from a Blacksmith to a Whitesmith.

This concludes the Ragnarok Origin Class Guide.

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