Our Puzzle and Dragons Tier List describes about the GungHo Online Entertainment developed and distributed Puzzle & Dragons, a puzzle video game with role-playing and strategy aspects, for the iOS, Android, and Amazon Fire platforms.

Players must move and match coloured orbs placed in a grid in Puzzle & Dragons, a match-three puzzle game.

Puzzle and Dragons Tier List

Tier SS (Hero)Tier S (Hero)
Sun God, Ra DragonAwoken Anubis
God of the Night, Tsukuyomi DragonAwoken Archdemon Lucifer
 Awoken Pandora
 Awoken Sakuya
 Destroyer God, Shiva Dragon
 Sea Deity, Neptune Dragon
Tier A+ (Hero)Tier A (Hero)
Awoken Shiva夢招福神, Horus
最大の強敵, RaohMistress of the Sanctuary, Kali
Awoken Freyr鈴蘭最強の男・林田恵
Awoken Lakshmi制約と誓約, Gon Freecss
還爪の青龍契士・RyuuneAwoken Parvati
Awoken Idunn&Idunna紅日の寿龍喚士, Kanna
隔世の蒼龍喚士・SoniaTome-Creating White Phantom Demon, Ilm
Awoken Bastet遊山の天舞神, Amaterasu Ohkami
Awoken AstarothAwoken Amaterasu Ohkami
Awoken RaDawn Sky Sun Dragon Caller, Kanna
Ushio & Tora最強装備, Juggler
裁爪の橙龍契士・SariaLightning Black Dragonbound, Typhon
Awoken ThorArbiter of Judgement, Metatron
南斗最後の将, YuriaJudging Scale Steel Star Goddess, Eschamali
Awoken YomiMistress of the Old Castle, Kali
気狂いピエロ, KiteMankind’s Strongest Soldier, Levi
Puzzle and Dragons Tier List

Puzzle and dragons Best monsters 2021

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 best creatures in Puzzle and Dragons games. From the list below, you can see the best monsters in Puzzle and Dragons.

  1. Extant Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
  2. Marvelous Red Dragon Caller, Sonia
  3. Kirin of the Sacred Gleam, Sakuya
  4. Seraph of Dawn Lucifer
  5. Warrior Rose, Graceful Valkyrie

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This concludes the Puzzle and Dragons Tier List.

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