Purrfect Tale Recipes 2022 & Updates

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We’ve put together a thorough list of Purrfect Tale recipes so you can create all of the delicious foods in the game while having fun.

A straightforward mobile game called Purrfect Tales transports gamers back to their youth. You have your own residence that you are free to decorate in anyway you like, as well as virtual pets to keep you company. While you’re there, stop by the Catcha Machine and the yard store to pick up some essential supplies. With the help of this Purrfect Tale recipe guide and ingredient list, you can learn exactly how to use them.

Purrfect Tale Recipes Guide

The Purrfect Tale Recipes are included here, along with a description of the ingredients and cooking space.

Ingredients – Purrfect Tale

Here’s where you can get all of Purrfect Tale’s many ingredients:

Purrfect Tale Recipes

  • Flour – Found in the wheat fields from the yard (10 minutes growth time)
  • Potato – Found in the potato fields from the yard (20 minutes growth time0
  • Tomato – Found in tomato fields from the yard (90 minutes growth time)
  • Pork – Found in pigsties from the yard (8 hours growth time)
  • Carrot – Found in the carrot fields from the yard (60 minutes growth time)
  • Eggs – Found in chicken coops from the yard (6 hours growth time)
  • Fish – Found in fish ponds from the yard store (24 hours growth time)
  • Milk – Found in cow sheds from the yard store (12 hours growth time)
  • Pepper – Found in the catchas
  • Scallion – Found in the catchas
  • Sugar – Found in the catchas
  • Soy Sauce – Found in the catchas
  • Oil – Found in the catchas
  • Vinegar – Found in the catchas

The claw machine and the farm have all the elements for some delicious feasts. The claw machine’s contents are random, therefore there is no way to insert uncommon objects like peppers. Here is a list of all the ingredients and recipes for Purrfect Tales that are currently known. As we discover more, or if any new ones are included in the game that uses corn as an ingredient, we’ll keep expanding the list.

Cooking Area Recipe Ingredients – Bamboo Steamer

 Bamboo Steamer Pot Chinese Hamburger 3 Flour, 3 Carrot, 3 Pork
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Foo Young Steamed Egg 4 Eggs Bamboo Steamer
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Liangpi Noodle 3 Flour, 3 Carrots, 1 Pepper
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Salmon Rice Ball 2 Flour, 2 Fish
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Soup Bun 3 Flour, 3 Pork
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Steamed Bun 2 Flour Bamboo Steamer
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Steamed Pork with Rice Powder 3 Flour, 3 Potato, 3 Pork
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Piggy Bun 3 Flour, 3 Carrots
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Bamboo Steamer Shrimp X4 Fish
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Mashed Potato X1 Flour, X1 Potato(Or X3 Potato, X1 Flour)
 Bamboo Steamer Pot Vegetarian Spring Roll 3 Flour, 3 Carrots, 3 Eggs

Cooking Area Recipe Ingredients – Frying Pan

 Frying Pan Omelete Flour, Egg, and Scallion
 Frying Pan Dough StickPancake Flour and Egg
 Frying Pan Handheld Savory Pancake Flour and Egg(Try changing quantity)
 Frying Pan Sunny Side Up Egg Eggs
 Frying Pan Potato Pancake Potato and Flour

Cooking Area Recipe Ingredients – Stock Pot

 Stock Pot Tomato Pork Ribs Soup 3 Tomato, 3 Pork
 Stock Pot Hot Pot Pork, Fish, Oil, and Potato
 Stock Pot Sukiyaki Pork, Fish, and Corn
 Stock Pot Minced Pork Rice Pork, Potato, Egg, and Soy Sauce
 Stock Pot Army Stew Flour, Carrot, Potato, and Chill
 Stock Pot Spaghetti Pork, Flour, and Tomato
 Stock Pot Oden Flour, Fish, and Corn
 Stock Pot Black Bean Sauce Noodle 3 Carrot, 3 Flour, 3 Pork,1 Soy Sauce
 Stock Pot Borscht 3 Carrots, 3  Stock Potato, 3 Pork
 Stock Pot Congee with Pork and Centuary Egg 3 Egg, 3 Pork
 Stock Pot Dumpling 3 Flour, 3 Carrot, 3 Pork
 Stock Pot Glutinous Rice Balls 3 Flour
 Stock Pot Milky Fish Soup 3 Fish, 3 Milk
 Stock Pot Plain Noodles 3 Flour

Cooking Area Recipe Ingredients – WOK

 Wok Braised Pork 3 Stock Potato, 3 Pork
 Wok Braised Pork Ball 3 Flour, 1 Oil, 3 Pork
 Wok Braised Pork Ribs 3  Stock Potato, 3 Pork
 Wok Crispy Fried Pork 3 Flour, 3 Pork
 Wok Crispy Sweet and Sour Pork 3  Stock Potato, 3 Pork
 Wok Dough Fritters 3 Flour
 Wok Fish Flavored Shredded Pork 3 Carrot, 3 Pork, 1 Sugar, 1 Vinegar
 Wok Fried Sweet Rice Ball 3 Flour
 Wok Fried Zigzag  Stock Potato 3 Stock Potato
 Wok Yangzhou Fried Rice 3 Carrots, 3 Eggs, 1 Scallion
 Wok Stir fried Shredded,  Stock Potato 3,  Stock Potatoes

That is all there is to know about the ingredients and recipe guide for The Purrfect Tale. Keep in mind that more will be added soon, so save this page and come back to check for updates! I do hope you liked it.

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