Pokemon Unite Pumpkin bonuses Halloween Festival, In Pokemon UNITE’s Halloween Festival, it’s time to smash some pumpkins over the opposing team’s heads!

From October 20 to November 10, players will be able to play tricks with pumpkin treats in Pokemon UNITE battles. Convert opposing Pokemon into pumpkin-heads in style! In Pokemon UNITE’s seasonal festivities, treat your favorite Pokemon and Trainers to new Fashion Items, unlock special bonuses that reward players with pumpkins, and visit a newly spooked-out Mer Stadium. Follow this blog to know more about Pokemon Unite Pumpkin bonuses Halloween Festival.

Pokemon Unite Pumpkin bonuses Halloween Festival

Quick Battles in Mer Stadium allow players to use the battle item button to Pumpkin Toss at enemy Pokemon, propping a large pumpkin on their heads for a short period of time. Just keep in mind that players can accidentally pumpkin-head their teammates or be pumpkin-headed by an opposing Pokemon, so Pumpkin Toss carefully and quickly dodge any incoming produce.

While a Pokemon is pumpkin-headed, it cannot score points or use its normal moves, but it can use a special move called Pumpkin Push. This move allows players to smack into enemies with a rolling dash to push them aside, or it can be used to get out of the way of dangers.

Pokemon Unite Pumpkin bonuses

Earn bonuses simply by logging into the game from October 20 to November 7, and complete daily missions from October 24 to November 2 to earn even more. Players can also earn collectible pumpkins to exchange for Halloween items such as Battle Point boost cards, a Halloween hat, a Greedent UNITE license, and more during the battle festivities at Mer Stadium. These special items are only available to players for a limited time, so gather as many pumpkins as you can during UNITE’s Halloween Festival.

Pokémon Unite Pumpkin bonuses Halloween Festival

Halloween celebration

Check out all of the eerie fashion items for Trainers and Pokemon, including the limited-edition Pokemon Holowear Costume Party Style: Lucario and Costume Party Style: Zeraora.

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