Looking for a list of Outriders Classes Tier List? I’ve got the perfect one for you. This list lists all of the ranks for the different class builds available.

We’ll also explain why each construction is the greatest and what it’s good for. However, keep in mind that this tier ranking is also reflective of my thoughts on the game and its mechanics. So, scroll down to learn about the Outrider Class ranks.

Outriders Classes Tier List – Described

Trickster – ReaverS-TierTrickster was a mid-level character on his own. You will, however, be able to deal more anomalous damage with Reaver. This will allow you to obtain one-shot kills on bosses.
Devastator – WardenS-TierThe only reason this design isn’t at the top is the amount of time it takes to construct. However, the price is worth it because of the incredible offensive and defensive metrics.
Devastator – VanquisherA-TierDevastator, as always, is extremely difficult to level up and construct. However, when combined with the Vanquisher, it may do significant damage.
Trickster – HarbingerA-TierCombine Trickster’s ability with the Harbinger and you get an immortal character basically. This build will have the highest damage resistance.
Technomancer – PestilenceB-TierIf you like long-range combat, this build is for you. Weapon damage stats will take a huge boost and will allow you to snipe with ease.
Technomancer – DemolisherB-TierNot the most defensively sound, but, makes up for the drawback with an increase in Anomaly Power.
Pyromancer – TempestC-TierThis build uses the best ability of the Pyromancer, that is fire. The amount of damage you can get out of this build is absolutely massive. It used to be quite highly ranked, but, has been nerfed in recent updates.
Pyromancer – Ash BreakerC-TierAnother build that makes use of the Pyromancer’s finest fire-based abilities. Using Ash causes foes to become immobile for a short period of time, allowing you to do some damage.
Devastator – Seismic ShifterC-TierThis is yet another difficult construct in the game since it requires the Devastator. The sole saving grace is the damage increase.
Trickster – AssassinD-TierA really stealthy construction. Outriders, on the other hand, is everything from subtle, as gamers are well aware. As a result, it is one of the weaker builds.
Technomancer – Tech ShamanD-TierAnother classic example of a build being nerfed by the game. In fact, it is so bad now that it is almost unplayable.
Pyromancer – Fire StormF-TierWhile this build should actually be almost unbeatable, the game somehow manages to beat it down. Worst by a mile.

Outriders Classes Tier List

Outriders Classes Tier List
Outriders Classes Tier List

This concludes the Outriders Classes Tier List.

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