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Ode To Heroes Tier List

We’ve described the Ode To Heroes Tier List below with brief description:

Water Heroes

Mo Ye5SpecialistHard Counters – Assassin
Li Bai5AssassinHard Counters – Scholar
Wu Zetian5EmperorCounters – Blocks
Hongfu5AssassinSoft Counters – Specialists
Zhen Fu5PriestBurst DPF, CC-ACC Buff,BLK Buff & Row Target Normal Attack
Liu Xiu4Emperor
Li Jing4Emperor
Yuan Mingyue4Priest
Wang Yue4Assassin
Yu Xuanji4Specialist
Jiang Xiaobai4Emperor


Zhong Wuyan5SpecialistBest AOE DPS, Tanky, Resists CC
Zuo Ci5SpecialistBest if used with Cao Cao for Attack buff in targets
Zhang Liang5ScholarS+ when death passive triggers
Cao Cao5EmperorCounter Mo Ye & Mo Zi as a sitting duck in the 1st slot
Wang Zhaoiun5PriestDoor Of Evil Healer, 3=1
Yang Yuhuan5PriestBest speed red jade in slow units
Ou Yexi4Specialist
Xu Fu4Specialist
Fan Li4Scholar
Pei Min4Assassin
Zhou Wenjun4Scholar


Nie Zheng5AssassinS when death passive triggers
Gan Jiang5SpecialistStronger with duplicate teams
Lu Bu5EmperorBest for Guild Trial
Huang Yueying5ScholarBest for suicide teams
Guan Yu5EmperorBest in Heaven’s Gate
Zhuge Liang5ScholarWhen fixed, marks together from duplicate stacks
Lu Buwei4Scholar
Gao Changgong4Emperor
Sun Quan4Emperor
Guan Zhong4Scholar
Li Zi4Priest


Da Qiao5PriestBest healing support
Cai Yan5ScholarCounters – Assassin (More than 9 stars)
Xiao Qiao5PriestSynergies with Emperors & Priests
Jing Ke5AssassinGood DPS when max Critical damage
Zhou Yu5EmperorBest stats, Synergies with Lu Bu & Da Qiao
Guiguzi5SpecialistS when death passive triggers
Wei Wuji4Emperor
Wei Zifu4Priest
Yue Yi4Emperor
Zhang Daoling4Specialist


Damo5SpecialistBest PVP heroes against Crowd Control teams
Xiang Yu5EmperorBest when used with Damo for CRIT buff
Xi Shi5PriestDoor of Evil Healer, 3=1
Su Qin4Scholar
Liu bei4Emperor
Yu Miaoyi4Priest

Ode To Heroes Tier List

Ode To Heroes Tier List


Nie Yinniang5AssassinBest PVP heroes for Boss battles
Mozi5ScholarFastest CC
Diaochan5PriestDoor of Evil Healer, 3=1
Bao Si4Priest
Sima Yi4Scholar

Ode To Heroes Game General

  • Seek for truth in the world of Ode to Heroes, and waken potential heroes!
  • Easy and Idled Gameplay
  • Experience Legendary Adventures in Epic
  • Endless Joy From Strategy
  • Rich Game Content
  • Exciting Gameplay Featuring Social Networking

Oder To Heroes : Best Heroes

  • Overall – Nie Zheng
  • PvP Healer – Diaochan
  • Best Tank – Cao Cao
  • Best PvP – PvE Support – Xiao Qiao
  • PvE Healer – Da Qiao
  • Best PvE DPS – Nie Yinniang

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