NU Carnival Reroll Guide 2022 & Updates

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Everyone here is welcome. You can learn more about the upgrades, codes, and other crucial topics by reading the following sentences: Guide for NU Carnival Rerolls When you turn around, a lovely BL world will appear where elemental spirits have harmed its capabilities and you, the Eight, have been reborn as a successor to fix these issues. You should put the power back in its rightful place and give them the same equilibrium they had before the Great Wizard Hashto vanished.

About the Game and NU Carnival Reroll Guide 2022

NU Carnival Reroll Guide

The male cast in the game is among the most attractive you’ve ever seen, and the plot is excellent. So it’s time for you to lose yourself in a fantasy theme where your dreams can come true. Given that the lovely universe depicts romance with people who have this balanced strength, you won’t soon forget your time with the Gemstone family.

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Since NU: Carnival cannot be accessed through the App Store or Play Store, the bulk of gamers are baffled as to how to play it. Gamers do not believe that the servers providing the connections to download this game are very secure, despite the fact that the download links are safe to use. As a result, there is a lot of concern about the game’s security.

If you’re looking for free spirit gems, money, boosters, essence contracts, express passes, or other exclusive advantages, check out our section on Nu Carnival codes. So that you can give it another shot, we’ll show you how to download this fantastic game to your PC in this article. Let’s now examine some of the benefits of doing so.

How to Reroll in NU: Carnival?

The rerolling process in NU: Carnival is simple, so we advise you to have at least two SSR heroes in your game before selecting an account. I say that because having more SSR troops with you will allow you to access more H scenarios throughout your entire game.

The steps for rerolling are as follows:

Have a guest login option after you’re in the game to give NU: Carnival a head start.

After that, complete the NU: Carnival instruction and give the game your desired name.

Players have two alternatives for re-rolling when this instruction is finished. The first one is for 30 pulls, and the game lasts for approximately 5 to 7 minutes. The second one is for 50 pulls, and the game lasts for roughly 20 minutes.

The gift boxes can be exchanged for the scrolls you’ve received in the mail in 30 pulls for 10 individual scrolls. Go to the shop, select Special, and then click Barter to receive 10 summon scrolls. Before going to the Friend Code tab, you can choose 1 to 4 prizes from your tab. By entering your invite code here, you can obtain your remaining 40 summon scrolls.

You can play the game’s plot to clear it for a 2-to-1 return on taking 6000 gems, or you can complete the first three levels we specified above for the 50 pullings. You can also utilise numbers 2 through 8 to obtain an additional 10 summoning scrolls.

After re-rolling, if your results satisfy you, you can bind your account. But you can try again by logging out of your account if you’re unhappy with the outcomes.

If the lengthy duration of the re-rolling process worries you, we’ve got you covered. We might use a new strategy to make our games easier to play and faster.

How to Reroll and Play NU: Carnival on PC?

For NU: Carnival, LDPlayer can hasten the rerolling process. Even if you didn’t get the unit you wanted, it only requires a few simple steps, so you won’t waste any more time doing it. You have the best chance of performing multiple rerolls at once with LDPlayer.

  • Install the LDPlayer on your device first after downloading it.
  • Visit the official NU: Carnival website after which the LDPlayer system app to download NU: Carnival.
  • Visit their official website to get the NU: Carnival game.
  • After downloading the game, select the Android option from the download link, and then launch it.
  • Then navigate to the LDMultiplayer option—which is visible from the game’s toolbar without opening it—and choose it to make copies of the game. You can make as many clones as you need, depending on the hard disk’s storage capacity.
  • Then there is another option called Synchronizer, and by using it, you can choose to sync all of your duplicate emulators. As a result, you may play the game from any copy of LDPlayer.
  • Then begin your game and carry out the reroll instructions we previously provided.

Why Play NU: Carnival on LDPlayer?

There are numerous reasons. Due to the fact that this game can only be downloaded and installed from outside sources and that unidentified websites have a history of downloading malicious files, your device’s security may be at risk. LDPlayer is therefore the most secure way to play NU: Carnival.

You can also play this game on a large screen using a variety of controls, such as a keyboard and a mouse, thanks to LDPlayer. The game’s settings are more flexible than you may expect, enabling LDPlayer to provide you the best gaming experience by adjusting to the preferences of your current device. Here, you can modify NU: Carnival’s graphics, RAM, and storage to play as smoothly as possible.

Additionally, LDPlayer is widely regarded as the greatest android emulator, thus adding features like Keyboard Mapping won’t make a difference in how enjoyable NU: Carnival will be to play on it.


Carnival is a video game that will take you to a wonderful world; now, with LDPlayer, you can get the most out of it. When you download this game, you won’t need to be concerned about security because LDPlayer will enable you play with the best experience while accelerating rerolling.

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