My Hero Academia Arcs Guide Season 5 Reorder The Manga Arcs tells regarding My Hero Academia Arcs is at an all-time high after season 5 of My Hero Academia reordered parts of the manga arcs.

The following list My Hero Academia Arcs Guide Season 5, as well as a summary of prior seasons and what to anticipate in season 6.

My Hero Academia Anime Arcs Guide Order, breakdown and more

The U.A. Beginning Saga, the Rise of Villains Saga, and the Final Act Saga are the three official acts of My Hero Academia. Each act is further subdivided into nine unofficial but universally agreed-upon arcs.

In 32 volumes and 333 chapters, the manga has published 19 full arcs and one continuing arc, while the anime has animated 17 full arcs in five seasons and 113 episodes.

Act 1: U.A. beginning saga

Season 1

Season 1 includes 4 My Hero Academia arcs in 13 episodes, in proper manga order

  • Arc 1 Entrance Exam Arc (4 chapters, 1-4; Season 1, 4 episodes, 1-4.): This arc covers Deku getting into UA with the help of All Might and One for All (OFA)
  • Arc 2 Quirk Apprehension Test Arc (3 chapters, 5-7; 2 episodes, 5-6): Class 1-A get their quirks evaluated by their homeroom teacher Aizawa Shota or Eraserhead.
  • Arc 3 Battle Trial Arc (4 chapters, 8-11; 3 episodes, 6-8.): Class 1-A receives their costumes, and participates in a hero vs villain style exercise.
  • Arc 4 Unforeseen Simulation Joint or U. S. J. Arc (10 chapters, 12-21; 5 episodes, 9-13.): Class 1-A goes to USJ to train in rescue, but the League of Villains attack, but are defeated by U.A. students and teachers.

Season 2

Season 2 is made up of 25 episodes that follow the My Hero Academia arcs in manga order. As the My Hero Academia manga progresses, the arcs become longer and longer.

  • Arc 5 U. A. Sports Festival Arc (23 chapters, 22-44. Season 2, 12 episodes, 14-25.): In the annual sports festival, every main character from Class 1-A shows their fighting style, along with class 1-B, and Shinsou Hitoshi.
  • Arc 6 Hero Killer Arc (15 chapters, 45-59. 8 episodes, 26-33.): During their first internship period, Deku and Todoroki help an impulsive Iida Tenya battle the Hero-killer Stain.
  • Arc 7 Final Exams Arc (10 chapters, 60-69. 5 episodes, 34-38.): The students face off against their teachers in pairs during the practical portion of their final exams for the term.

Season 3

Season 3 covers 3 My Hero Academia arcs in 25 episodes in manga order.

  • Arc 8 Forest Training Arc (14 chapters, 70-83. Season 3, 7 episodes, 39-45.): Classes 1-A and 1-B go to a forest training camp, But the League of Villains attacks the students and kidnaps Bakugou.
  • Arc 9 The Hide-Out Raid Arc (14 chapters, 84-97. 5 episodes, 46-50.): Bakugou is rescued, but All Might wears out OFA in his battle against All for One (AFO), and retires.

Act 2: Rise of the Villains Saga

Arc 10 Provisional Hero Licence Exam Arc (24 chapters, 98-121. 12 episodes, 51-62.): After the students move into the dorm, and amidst villain attacks, everyone passes their Provisional Hero License Exam except Bakugou and Todoroki.

My Hero Academia Arcs Guide Season 5 Reorder The Manga Arcs

My Hero Academia Arcs Guide Season 5 Reorder The Manga Arcs

Season 4

Season 4 covers three My Hero Academia arcs in whole and one arc in part in manga order.

  • Arc 11 Shie Hassaikai Arc (41 chapters, 122-162. Season 3-4, 17 episodes, 62-78.): The second longest arc. Along with the pro heroes and U.A.’s big 3, Deku, Kirishima, Ochako, and Tsuyu fight the Shie Hassaikai led by Chisaki Kai aka Overhaul, and rescue Chisaki’s young daughter Eri.
  • Arc 12 Remedial Course Arc (6 chapters, 163-168. Season 4, 3 episodes, 78-80.): Bakugou and Todoroki take the Remedial Hero Course to make up for their failures at the Provisional License Exam.
  • Arc 13 U.A School Festival Arc (15 chapters, 169-183. Season 4, 6 episodes, 81-86.): Class 1-A work hard to improve their image at the UA school festival.
  • Arc 14 Pro-Hero Arc (10 chapters, 184-193. Season 4-5, 4 episodes, 87-90.): Endeavor fights and wins against a high-end nomu with the help of the no. 2 hero Hawks.

Season 5

The anime reorders the storylines in Season 5. It includes the final three chapters of the previous arc, three entire My Hero Academia arcs, and the first three chapters of the following arc, the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. In the second episode, the final manga chapter of the Pro-Hero Arc, which includes Dabi’s entrance, is animated, followed by manga arc 15.

Arc 15: Joint Training Arc (24 chapters, 194-217. Season 5, 10 episodes, 91-100.)

Season 5’s first full arc, animated in line with the manga chapters. Shinsou is admitted to the hero course after training with Class 1-A and 1-B together. Deku reveals further information regarding OFA.

This is when things become perplexing. The anime tackles the less dramatic but instructive Endeavor Agency Arc first in order to close the season with one of the more fascinating My Hero Academia arcs, the Meta Liberation Army (MLA) Arc.

After Bakugou and Todoroki receive their licences in episode 100 of My Hero Academia, the anime establishes the MLA Arc, much as the manga chapter does, but then moves on to the primary trio’s internship at the Endeavor agency.

Arc 16: Endeavor Agency Arc (12 chapters, 241-252. Season 5, 6 episodes, 101-106.)

In the anime, this is the 16th arc, although in the manga, it is the 17th. Under Endeavor, the protagonist trio completes their second work study. The Todoroki family dynamic is depicted, as well as Endeavor’s guilt for his treatment of his children, especially Shouto’s elder brother Touya’s death.

The 18th My Hero Academia arc, Paranormal Liberation War Arc, begins with Episode 107. Eraserhead and Present Mic encounter Kurogiri, who turns out to be Shirakumo’s classmate. The anime then progresses to the ALA storyline, or My Villain Academia Arc, thanks to the hawk link.

Arc 17. Meta Liberation Army Arc (23 chapters, 218-240. Season 5, 6 episodes, 101, 108-112.)

In the manga, this is the 16th arc, however in the anime, it is the 17th. The League of Villains is fighting Gigantomachia and the Meta Liberation Army. Many of the villains’ backstories are exposed, particularly Shigaraki’s. Shigaraki reawakens his actual abilities and destroys Deika.

The Paranormal Liberation Fight Arc is then resumed in Episode 113, with the foundation of the paranormal liberation front and the students of U.A. and the pro heroes preparing for the war.

The arcs of the My Hero Academia anime are apparently reordered to make the show more attention-grabbing for viewers while also making it more fluid. They succeed in the first assignment, but their accomplishment in the second is debatable, especially because episode 104 is an anime original episode created to promote the My Hero Academia: World Heroes film.

This concludes the My Hero Academia Arcs Guide Season 5 Reorder The Manga Arcs Article.

Season 6: What to Expect

While the manga arcs, particularly the MLA arc, have a lot of promise, My Hero Academia Season 5 falls short. The paranormal liberation war Arc, or simply War Arc, the longest and most violent My Hero Academia manga arc, is set to begin in season 6.

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