There are numerous objectives or tasks in MIR4 that fans are having difficulty finishing. One of them is the Sect Master’s Order. If you’re having trouble completing the Sect Master’s Order task in MIR4 and earning prizes, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.This guide will coach you through the steps of initiating and completing the Sect Master’s Order quest in MIR4. This quest, like other MIR4 quests, has a handful of tasks that must be done in order for the quest to be finished in the game.

MIR4 Quest Sect Masters Order Guide Explained

How To Complete Sect Masters Order Quest In MIR4?

Find the steps to complete MIR4 Quest Sect Masters Order guide in the following:

To begin the Sect Master’s Order quest in MIR4, tap the ‘+’ symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Tap on Missions, then Requests in a new window. When you arrive, look for the quest ‘Crystalline Forest’ in the ‘Requests’ section.

MIR4 Quest Sect Masters Order Guide

You must kill demons in Bull Temple 3F to complete this mission. To go there, open the Global map and select and head to the desired area.

Once you’ve arrived at the place depicted in the above image, you’ll have to battle 300 Demons. The Sect Master’s Order mission will be finished as soon as you finish murdering them.

This concludes the list of MIR4 Quest Sect Masters Order Guide.

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