MIR4 Mystery Guide tells you about the MIR4 as is a popular open-world, free-to-play, multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The game enables users to hunt foes with their friends, participate in a 50-player raid, and put bounties on their opponents. In addition, players can seize the Hidden Valley, join a strong clan in a large-scale player-versus-player mode, and declare war.

Fans are having difficulty finishing Mysteries tasks in Mir4 since they are tough to complete. With that in mind, we’ve put up a guide that explains how to finish Mystery mission in MIR4.

MIR4 Mystery Quest Guide

Before we get into how to finish the Mysteries quest in MIR4, let’s go over all of the Mysteries that are accessible in the game. There are now five Mysteries that all MIR4 players must complete. Find them here:

  • Nefariox Horn
  • Myriad Needle
  • A Noble Cause
  • The Lost Tome
  • Incomparable Master

Nefariox Horn Mystery

To accomplish this Mystery in the game, you must perform a number of objectives. To accept missions, locate the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it. A new window will open on the screen as a result.

You must first choose the ‘Missions’ symbol, followed by the ‘Requests’ icon. This will provide a list of missions that you must perform during the game.

The First Sage

To begin The First Sage, approach and speak with the Dwarf Digger, who can be found in the Cave of the World Beetles.

Bloodshade Nefariox Horn

You must now go to Missions>Requests>Ginkgo Valley and choose the Madman’s Trace task. To finish this, you must locate the Grotesque Statue.

Beautiful Sister Magya

The next step is to accomplish the ‘Treasure’s Aura’ task, which can also be located in the Ginkgo Valley region.

Nefariox Pearl

The last step in completing the Nefariox Horn Mysteries quest in MIR4 is to finish the ‘For the Greater Good’ quest. Unlike the other missions, this one is in the Bicheon Town sector, as depicted in the above image.

Myriad Needle Mystery

  • Herbalist Hong’s True Identity
  • An Herb More Valuable than Gold
  • Those Tainted by Demonic Energy
  • Overambitious Father
  • Flower of the Demonic Cult
  • Mad Healer Pung’s Trace

MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions

MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions

Once you complete this quest, you will have to go through the following quests:

  • Bull Fiend Research 1
  • Bull Fiend Research 2
  • Bull Fiend Research 3
  • Bull Fiend Research 4

A Noble Cause

Jo Gyu’s Corruption

Noh Wunjang’s Evil Path

Cleaning the Backstreet

Lies and Hypocrisy

A Proposal Gem

This concludes the MIR4 Mystery Guide How To Complete All MIR4 Mystery Missions.

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