Metroid Dread – How to Find and Defeat the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers – The Twin Chozo Soldiers must be defeated in a boss encounter in Metroid Dread. Samus will be able to overcome them with clever planning and quick reactions.

In Metroid Dread, finding and destroying the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers is crucial for moving through the main campaign. The difficulty of Metroid Dread has been lauded by players. The colourful assortment of bosses that Samus will confront make up a large part of the game’s difficulty. Ferenia contains one of the most difficult boss fights. In Metroid Dread, there’s also a Ferenia Energy Part that’s easy to overlook. They should acquire this first to boost their maximum HP before the combat.

Metroid Dread – How to Find and Defeat the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

Players should have met a single Robot Chozo Soldier by this time in Metroid Dread. They usually emerge in rooms with no sign that a boss encounter is about to begin. The initial combat is straightforward enough, but when a second Robot Chozo is added to the mix, the true difficulty begins. To enter this area when exploring Ferenia, players must obtain the Storm Missle upgrade. A boss encounter usually consists of a specific entrance with a monster for the players to vanquish. The entrance to the Twin Chozo Soldiers boss battle is a regular Power Beam Door, allowing the player to be surprised on their initial encounter.

How To Beat The Twin Chozo Soldiers In Metroid Dread

Players should make sure Samus has the maximum amount of HP and Missles before entering this area. Players can do this by grinding adjacent enemy kills or returning to a nearby healing station before unlocking the door. The Twin Chozo Soldier monster requires players to keep on the move, therefore abilities like Metroid Dread’s Flash Shift, Spin Boost, and Morph Ball all aid Samus in this fight. The Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers both have their own health bar, making the fight twice as long.

During this Metroid Dread boss encounter, each of the Twin Chozo Soldiers has the identical moveset for players to worry about. The silver robot, on the other hand, has fewer HP, therefore Samus should concentrate on them first.

  • Three blue energy balls will be fired towards Samus in a triple attack. They can move quickly or slowly. Because they can’t pass through walls, Samus should hide behind them.
  • Energy Missiles: A single ball of blue energy will be charged by the Chozo Soldier. To avoid being struck, Samus should employ a well-timed Flash Shift.
  • Red Strike: Red sparks will shoot around them, charging their weapon. To clear the leap, Samus needs utilise Flash Shift and then shoot the boss as she lands.
  • White Strike: Similar to Red Strike, however it may be effectively melee countered as an excellent method to gain damage in.

Running clockwise around the top platform and the map’s boundaries is the ideal technique. By rotating around and firing, Samus may continue to steadily deplete the boss’ HP. The struggle becomes considerably simpler after one of them dies.

Players may need a few tries to master the attack patterns. Later in Metroid Dread, they’ll face off against the Twin Chozo Soldiers again. Instead of being silver, both of them will be gold at that moment.

Metroid Dread - How to Find and Defeat the Twin Robot Chozo Soldiers

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