Melty Blood Type Lumina is a game inspired by Tsukihime, a blue glass moon. This is a fan-favorite game that has already attracted a large number of players since its release. And, because this is a fighter game, choose which character to play is critical. After that, you may devote all of your time and effort to mastering that character’s move set. So, here is the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List.

Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List

Before we begin, you should be aware that this is GamersExploit’s selection of the finest personalities. You may come across a character that you believe does not belong in that rank.

S Tier

Find the Melty Blood Type Lumina Tier List S below:

  • Akiha Tohno: Following her father’s death, Akiha takes over as Leader of the Tohno house. She is desperate to maintain her family’s name and will go to any length to do so.
  • Kohaku: Kohaku has extensive medicinal expertise and has worked at the Tohno household since she was a child. Don’t be misled by her broom, which contains a sword. Not only that, but she can also throw firebombs and summon bizarre flora.
  • Red Arcueid: She became a vampire after some incident, or at least her instincts are vampire-like. Red is a fighter when it comes to people, and her newfound abilities make her even more dangerous.

A Tier

Find the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List A below:

  • Saber is a knight in dazzling armour who carries the sacred sword Excalibur. She has her own riddle that she must solve.
  • Miyako Ariyama: Miyako is the Ariyama family’s eldest daughter and Shiki’s self-proclaimed sister. She employs the Bajiquan combat technique and lets her combat do the talking in bouts.
  • Kouka Kishima is the head of the Kishima family. He is half-human and half-demon, yet his fighting skill prevents you from seeing his human side. Scorching heat is one of his talents, and it may convert his enemies to ashes.

B Tier

Find the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List B below:

  • Shiki Tohno, Shiki is the eldest son of the Tohno family who was reared by the Ariyama family. He sees death as a collection of points and lines. Don’t come up against him in combat since he won’t be wearing any glasses and you’ll be able to see his eyes of death.
  • Ciel: Ciel is an executor for a group known as the Burial Agency. Her appearance may lead you to believe she is a forgiving person, but her actions suggest otherwise. She will hunt down and destroy everyone she suspects of being a heretic.

C Tier

Find the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List C below:

  • Noel: Noel joined Shiki’s school as a new teacher, but her actual job is that of the Holy Church’s executor. It makes no difference if her opponent is weak or powerful; when it comes to finishing them out, she will show no compassion.
  • Vlov Arkhangel: Vlov is a Dead Apostle who awoke from the cold wastelands of the far north. He converts blood into heat by using it. He employs both the chilly and fiery sides of his nature to alter the tides of the battle.
Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List

D Tier

Find the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List D below:

  • Hisui: Kohaku’s younger sister and another maid in the Tohno Family. When it comes to fighting, she isn’t as violent as her sister, but underestimate her and you’ll lose in no time.
  • Arcueid Brunestud: She is the True Ancestors’ royal member. But she is not your average vampire; she can withstand direct sunlight and is on a mission to find the Dead Apostles.
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong: Michael has several aliases, including “infinite Reincarnator” and “Serpent of Akasha.” His powers include the ability to control electricity.

This concludes the Melty Blood Type Lumina Best Characters Tier List.

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