The greatest and strongest characters in Mario Golf Super Rush Character Tier List, ranked by stats. The sixth entry in the Mario Golf series introduces 16 playable characters as well as new powers and game types. With the aid of this list, you can choose which characters to use and which to avoid.

The game features a wide cast of characters, with 16 in all, with more expected to be added in the future. With such a huge roster, which includes many Super Mario series favourites, it’s critical to know who the best of the best are.

All Mario Golf Super Rush Character Tier List

S TierRosalina
A TierBoo, Bowser
B TierWario, Waluigi
C TierDonkey Kong, Chargin’ Chuck
D TierYoshi, Luigi, Bowser Jr.
E TierDaisy, King Bob-omb, Pauline, Toad
F TierPeach, Mario

Rosalina Mario Golf Super Rush

Rosalina is the embodiment of the all-around golfer in Mario Golf Super Rush. She is also a disruptor when it comes to her Special Shot and Special Dash skills. When her Shooting Star shot collides with another player’s ball, it prevents those balls from being struck straight.When she uses her Luna Dash ability, she summons two Lumas that will throw opponents off balance on the golf course if they come into touch with Rosalina.

Mario is currently one of the least proficient characters in the game, thanks to his Super Star Strike Special Shot, which just fires away balls on hits. Furthermore, his Special Dash is a typical Moonsault Dash that, at best, knocks down other opponents while Mario slides around and jumps over them. As a result, if you want to win any type of competitive encounter, you should avoid him.

In Mario Golf Super Rush, Bowser is nothing if not faithful to himself. He’s an annoyance, and anybody who uses him as their primary will be labelled as the group’s annoyance. Bowser combines his vast power with a special shot called Meteor Strike, which knocks away any balls it comes into contact with.

It’s a recurring motif in Mario Golf Super Rush that the most obnoxious characters are frequently the most beneficial. Boo has good numbers, but its true worth comes from its Special Dash and Special Shot. Carousel Dash creates a swarm of Boos who attack any character in Boo’s proximity.

Toad is a character in the Super Mario universe that works so much for the main protagonists but never gets the attention he deserves. Toad is the ideal pick in Mario Golf Super Rush for gamers who enjoy having control over the golf ball.

Despite being portrayed as just Mario’s brother, Luigi has always held his own in the other Super Mario sports titles, and this holds true in Mario Golf Super Rush. Luigi not only has some of the most well-balanced and well-rounded stats in the game, but his Ice Flower Freeze special shot is also a precise tool that may be useful in a pinch.

Mario Golf Super Rush Character Tier List

It’s amazing that Nintendo has worked hard throughout the years to preserve the link between Donkey Kong and Mario as strong and evident as possible. Donkey Kong appears to be back to his regular form in Mario Golf Super Rush, ranking fourth on the list in terms of shot power.

Is Daisy a terrible choice in Mario Golf Super Rush? She’s not the worst, but she doesn’t deliver the highs, either tactically or in terms of entertaining. Her stats are average, and neither her Special Shot nor Special Dash have much personality or pop.

So that’s everything there is to know about the Mario Golf Super Rush Character Tier List, hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

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