Lords Mobile Tier List 2022 & Updates

By skylah •  Updated: 11/19/21

Welcome back to Lords Mobile Tier List 2022. I’ve updated this list with the greatest heroes you need to posses in order to succeed in the game.

The powers of the hero were used to compile this list. if you’ve only recently begun playing Lords mobile. You ought to be aware of Lords Mobile Hero. After steadily enhancing the hero character, you can then select the best hero to upgrade.

The Lords Mobile Heroes PvP mobile game puts players against one another in real-time combat. It is presently available for free on iOS and Android, and this summer, it plans to go global. The game has significantly improved in the month since its release, but it is still far from perfect.

Players with more Lords Mobile Heroes experience than I do will have the opportunity to modify their opinions in light of their discoveries. All of these classifications are based on the offense’s potential to exploit the defense’s prospective strengths and weaknesses.

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Lords Mobile Tier List

Free of Cost Heros

A Tier | Royal Court (Core Members)

Characters that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.

Rose Knight – Combat Hero, Tank, Support, Cavalry Commander

Sage of Storms – Admin Hero, AOE Damage, Defensive Cavalry Commander 

Trickster – Admin Hero, Long Range AOE Confusion

Scarlet Bolt – Single Target Damage, Admin Hero

Prima Donna – Support Hero, Healer, Siege Commander

Death Knight – Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Freeze, Cavalry Commander

Black Crow – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Defensive Ranger Commander

Demon Slayer – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Debuffer, Infantry Commander

B Tier | Strategic Command (Admins)

Good characters who lack in certain key areas make them top-tier

Snow of Queen – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Linear Disable, Ranger Commander

Tracker – Combat Hero, Single Target Sniper, Ranged Commander

Oath Keeper – Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Damage, Infantry Commander

Child of Light – Combat Hero, AOE Stun, Defensive Cavalry Commander

Shade – Fight Hero, Heavy Burst Damage, Silence

Soul Forger – Combat Hero, Tank, AOE Debuffer, Defensive Commander

C Tier | Servants (Caretakers)

So-so characters, there are probably better options for your playstyle.

Death Archer – Combat Hero, AOE Poison, Single Target Sniper, Ranger Commander

Elementalist – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Siege Commander

Sea Squire – Admin Hero, Healer, Damage Dealer

Night Raven – Combat Hero, All-Range Damage, Defensive Cavalry Commander 

D Tier | Civilians (Public)

Ok to use these characters depending upon your playstyle.

Bombin Goblin – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Defensive Commander

Incinerator – Combat Hero, Light AOE Stun, Siege Commander

Paid Heroes 

A Tier

The best characters in the game, are easy to pick up and have a great return on investment.

Dark Follower – Admin Hero, Anti-Magic, Healer

Barbarian – Combat Hero, Tank, Taunt, Cavalry Commander

Cursed Hunter – Diplomatic Hero, Damage Dealer, Healer, Infantry Comman

Don Guapo – Diplomatic Hero, Damage Dealer, Light Stun

Dream Witch – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Light Stun, Army Commander

Lore Weaver – Support Hero, Healer, Army Commander

Mastercook – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Debuffer, Ranger Commander

Grove Guardian – Combat Hero, Debuffer, Ranger Commander

Vengeful Centaur – Combat Hero, Tank, Life Leech, Stun, Cavalry Commander

B Tier | Serious Competition (Not available in limited Challenges)

Characters that are remarkable and very good, useful for whatever situation you face.

Chronicler – Admin Hero, Damage Dealer

Berserker – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Light Freeze, Army Commander

Songstress of the Sea – Combat Hero, Linear Damage Dealer, Army Commander

Grim Wolf – Combat Hero, Burst Damage, Lige Leech, Infantry Commander

Petite Devil – Combat Hero, Debuffer, AOE Damage, Ranger Commander 

Steambot – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Buffer, Cavalry Commander

Storm Fox – Combat Hero, All – Enemy Damage and Heal PrEvention, Army Commander 

Magmaroid – Admin Hero, AOE Damage and Stun, Armchair Commander

C Tier | No Use

Good characters who lack in certain key areas make them top-tier

Prince of Thieves – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Debuffer, Army Commander

Femme Fatale – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Life Leech, Infantry Commander

D Tier | Not Worthy

So-so characters, there are probably better options for your playstyle.

The Big Guy – Combat Hero, Light AOE Stun, Tank, Infantry Commander

Twilight Priestess – Combat Hero, Single Target Sniper, Kamikaze, Infantry Commander 

Ethereal Guide – Combat Hero, Debuffer, Ranged Commander

E Tier | Not At All Worthy

Worst the lowest ranking Character – Not recommended

Dark Magister – Combat Hero, AOE Damage Dealer, Army Commander

Lightweaver – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Support, Army Commander

Shape Shifter – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Taunt, Army Commander


F Tier | Event Competition

Worst the lowest ranking Character – Not recommended

  1. Boommeister – Fight Hero, Buffer, AOE Damage, Armchair General
  2. Watcher – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Tank, Army Commander
  3. Chaos Dragon – Combat Hero, AOE Damage, Army Commander
  4. Pegasus – Combat Hero, Damage Dealer, Tank, Infantry Commander

Lords Mobile Tier List

In total, there are 44 heroes in Lords mobile, 22 of which may be played for free, and two of which are saved specifically for the event. To obtain these two characters for Lord’s mobile game, you must have an event pass. The remaining heroes are paid, and getting them will cost you a lot of money.

The most important part of the Lord of the Rings mobile game is to maintain and replenish your army of fighters. It should come as no surprise that upgrading is the most crucial thing you can do for your character because it gives them more agility and gives them the ability to perform a variety of unique acts.

Which Heroes to Never Use as Leaders?

Which Heroes Should Never Lead? It’s all about the nice guys in this piece… Here’s a little background on the villains.

  • Trickster (DO NOT use him as a leader)
  • Heroes of the siege: Prima Donna, Elementalist, and Incinerator
  • Any hero who does not have ATK battle skills: Death Knight, Scarlet Bolt, Shade, Sage of Storms, and Black Crow are some of the most powerful characters in the game.

Best Heroes lords mobile – Evergreen

  • Grunt (Inf)
  • Archer (Rng)
  • Cataphract (Cvl)
  • Ballista (Sge)

Best Heroes Combinations 2022

Heavy Attack team

  • Rose Knight
  • Child of Light/Death Knight
  • Tracker
  • Trickster
  • Black Crow/ Incinerator/Night Raven

Strong Defense Team

  • Rose Knight
  • Death Knight
  • Child of Light
  • Tracker
  • Prima Donna

 Balanced Team

  • Rose Knight
  • Trickster
  • Tracker
  • Demon Slayer
  • Prima Donna

Best Colosseum Lineup

Top F2P Lineup: Trickster, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Black Crow.

Alternative F2P Lineup: Tracker, Rose Night, Death Night, Prima Donna, and Demon Slayer.

Top P2P Lineup: Rose Night, Lore Weaver, Tracker, and Demon Slayer

This concludes the Lords Mobile Tier List..

As that’s everything there is to know about the Super Heroes of Lords Mobile, which you can get for your own character. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to read it carefully, and we welcome any criticism you may have.

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