The computation time of circuits, or how rapidly signals flow through its constituents, is a key feature of LogicWorld.

This guide demonstrates some basic builds that utilise this feature of the game.

Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay

In this guide, we’ll go over some terminology:

Signals in LogicWorld can be in one of two states:

  • Active / Red / True / High …….. I will call this state TRUE
  • Inactive / Black / False / Low…. I will call this state FALSE

A tick is the shortest time unit – one step of signal propagation.

Changing the simulation speed

On its own clock, Logic World replicates the propagation speed of signals, with one tick representing one time-step. By default, 30 ticks per second are computed.

This simulation speed, however, can be altered. There is no menu setting for this in the current version (0.90.1), however the simulation speed can be modified via the in-game console.

Setting the simulation speed to 1 or a few ticks per second is recommended for Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay guide.

Open the debug console.

In the game, press the [‘] key, or whichever key you chose for “Open Debug Console” in the Controls setting.

To adjust the simulation speed, type the command.

Enter the command server “simulation.rate X,” where X is an integer value indicating the number of ticks per second to calculate.

Signal Transmission

As a result, impulses are being transmitted throughout your system. One can easily observe this propagation by setting the simulation speed to one or a small number of ticks per second.

Although connections between pegs happen instantly, most elements require one tick to transform an input signal to an output signal. The buffer is an element with a single input and output. Its transfer takes one tick, and chaining them in a sequence is a handy method to see how a signal propagates across the chain.

We can ‘insert’ a TRUE signal at any time and position by connecting such chains in a circular manner:

Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay

Because signals do not expire, this will result in an infinite loop, with the timing of those signals preserved. Due to the fact that every peg can have many outbound connections without causing a signal to fade, such loops can be used to ‘create’ any repeated series of TRUE and FALSE signals once programmed.

Signal insertion can be accomplished via switches, buttons, or keys, but the period for which they set a signal TRUE is dependent on how long the control is active. A single-tick signal cannot be obtained unless the timing is perfect.

This isn’t a problem at 1 tick per second simulation speeds, but it becomes more challenging at higher speeds.

One-Tick trigger

A long-duration signal can be converted to a single-tick impulse using just a little logic. This is accomplished using the following simple circuit:

Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay

The ready-state of the circuit is seen above.

With 1 tick delay, setting the input to TRUE will pass, however the next tick will no longer pass a TRUE signal.

As long as the input is TRUE, the locked state persists. When it becomes FALSE, the system needs one more tick to return to the ready-state it was in at the start.

Some simple Tick Canons

Find the simple tricks under Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay guide in this section:

As previously demonstrated, a circular chain of programmable buffers can be used to generate a continuous stream of variable signal configurations, but there are also some simpler – and more compact – designs that accomplish regular signal patterns.

There are many various methods to construct such canons, and discovering them is part of the pleasure of LogicWorld. This concludes the Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay.

This concludes the Logic World Beginners Guide Ticks And Time Gameplay.

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