Our Lineage W Classes Guide will brief you about all 4 classes Lineage W. Its a mobile-optimized Massively multiplayer online role-playing game with a worldwide scope. Follow this guide for the Lineage W classes for tips on how to improve your game.

Lineage W Classes

In total there are four classes in Lineage W, each has their own distinctive characteristics:

  1. Monarch: The only class that can command the battlefield and rule the castles of the Kingdom of Aden.
  2. Knight: A class that is strong and powerful on the front lines of battle.
  3. Elves: The most varied class, using the power of spirits
  4. Mage: The class with the most magic in Lineage.

Lineage W Classes Guide – Detailed Description

Here we have mentioned a detailed description for every Class from Lineage W Classes Guide.


The saviour of a lineage doomed to confront adversity after adversity. The one who will shine brightly in the face of honourable victory or fade away with the tide of history in the face of ignominious failure. A monarch treads the road of blood to seal their fate, which is still unknown.


The one who wanders in order to maintain his religion. Swears a Blood Oath to his one and only eternal Master. Death is unimportant to him as long as the vow is kept.

The Knight battles without fear as both a guardian and a judge.Knights have a high level of physical strength and defence. As a result, they act like a chariot, protecting the position during large-scale fights and assisting their friends in their progress. They can shock and kill their opponents with their formidable melee skills.

They can also endure and dominate elf attacks, depending on their ability value and skill composition. Their fundamental magic defence, on the other hand, is low, making them vulnerable to sorcerers. They are a class that largely relies on potions and equipment.


The one who will continue to tread the path of redemption indefinitely. All will fade, but those that sprang from the nee of Eternity will live forever. The blood of those who have killed her cannot be washed away. As a result, a life free of atonement lies ahead.

Elves have inferior strength and defence, but they have a long-range attack advantage, making them superb checkmates. They can choose their attributes to improve their close range and supportive duties in addition to long-range strikes.

They can also employ four types of spirit magic, each with six levels of power: wind, water, fire, and earth. It can boost the skill hit of ally sorcerers while interfering with the use of the opposing sorcerer’s skills during large-scale conflicts, and it may successfully check the sorcerer by attacking from afar.

Lineage W Classes Guide


The child born from death. Struggling against a hash fate which dooms her to become the evil goddess’s vessel. Constantly battling whispers that call for destruction and temptation which leads to corruption, yet venturing out into the dangerous world in hopes of blazing a trail of her own.

The Mage is the class with the highest instantaneous firepower and plays a decisive role in defeating the enemy. They are also suited for range hunting with ranged magic.

They have the ability to turn undead and bury the undead with a single blow.In large scale battles, they can also play a supportive role by neutralizing enemies and healing allies. They are strong against knights with low magic defense and weak against elves who attack from a distance.

Game General

  • Title – Lineage W
  • Publisher – NCSOFT
  • Genre – Role Playing Game
  • File Size –
    • Android: 1.2 GB
    • iOS: 3.8 GB
  • Download 

This concludes the Lineage W Classes Guide.

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