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NCSoft’s Lineage W is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). The fifth edition of the series, dubbed ‘Lineage,’ has finally been launched for Android and iOS users, but the reception has been mixed.

Many players have downloaded Lineage W to their devices, yet the majority of them are dissatisfied with the game’s mechanics. The file that gamers must download to play Lineage W is over 4 GB in size, yet it is not worth it.

Hundreds of gamers who have already downloaded Lineage W are looking for the greatest classes in the game, and if that’s you, look no further because we’ve got you covered. Lineage W, like MIR4, has a plethora of classes to pick from.

Because there are so many classes to choose from, many players are perplexed as to which Lineage W class is the greatest. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a Lineage W classes tier list that ranks all classes available in the game, from S to CB, with S being the most prominent to CB being the best class in the game.

Lineage W Class Tier List

Lineage W has only four classes to select.

Monarch – S Tier

In Lineage W, Monarch is one of the greatest classes to choose. Monarch – commonly known as Price — may appear to have an ordinary ability stat when compared to other classes, but its actual usefulness shows in larger conflicts. Monarch is the greatest Lineage W class because its talents are composed of spells that are useful in appraising and directing the battlefield.

Mage – A Tier

Mage is Lineage W’s second most powerful class. Mage utilises her critical strike to quickly destroy adversaries on the battlefield. In larger conflicts, she uses debuff skills to negate the enemy’s onslaught and heals the friendly as a supportive unit. It may be superior to Elf and Knight, but it cannot succeed as Monarch.

Lineage W Class Tier List
Lineage W Class Tier List

Elf – B Tier

Elf may have poor stamina and defence, yet it is regarded as a superior class to Knight. In larger conflicts, Elf may boost friendly mages’ spell accuracy while also blocking opposing mages’ spells.

This concludes the Lineage W Class Tier List.

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