Legends ReWritten Codes 2022 & Updates

By Adan Karni •  Updated: 11/15/21

Salutations, gentlemen! Please keep reading to find out more about Legends ReWritten Codes, updates, and other topics. This game is designed to be played on PC or Xbox, but it is also playable on mobile devices; however, the mobile codes are somewhat behind, so not all game features are available.

About the Game and Legends ReWritten Codes


Shutdowns = Updates/Game patches
-ALPHA V:0.74-

⚔️Fight foes and monsters to obtain loot and level up your abilities!
⚔️Mine ores and use them to make armor and weapons in the blacksmith!
⚔️Roll the dice for Blessing Magic!
⚔️Explore the map and collect artifacts to learn about magic! Depending on the season, artifacts will sprout!
⚔️Increase your skill level to unlock level 100 skill capes!
⚔️Participate in raids with your pals!

M: Menu
F: Block
R: Free Fall
Left CTRL: Run
Q: Roll
Jump + Q: Dash
Equip Weapon(4) + E: Counter
Double Jump: “Space + Space”
Parkour: Double Jump on the wall
H: Spawn Mount

Game Rating & Reviews

  • Positive Rating – 59K+
  • Negative Rating – 5,294

Active Legends ReWritten Codes List

Legends ReWritten Codes are tough to understand, yet they are an important aspect of the game. You must grasp how to utilize hackers effectively if you want to improve your game and enjoy every minute of it without interruption. We all cheat to prevent disruptions while gaming on our own terms, rather than breaking the rules or causing harm to others.

Legends ReWritten Codes

  • THNXFOR20KSUBSYT – 20 Free Blessing Rolls (NEW)
  • TYFOR65K – 10 free blessing rolls
  • 50KLIKESFLAME – 12x Blessing Rolls
  • SDSUPDATE – 12x Blessing Rolls
  • MELIOOFUS – 7x Blessing Rolls
  • 45KVIDEO – 5x Blessing Rolls
  • TENMILLIONVISITS – 10x Blessing Rolls

  • 1YEARANNIVERSARY – 7x Blessing Rolls
  • HAPPYNEWYEAS2022 – 5x Blessing Rolls
  • WEHIT40KLIKES – 4x Blessing Rolls
  • CHRISTMAS2021EVENT – 10x Blessing Rolls
  • PATCHED – 5x Blessing Rolls
  • 100KFAVORITES – 10x Blessing Rolls
  • 30KLIKES – 3x Blessing Rolls

  • 6MVISITS – 6x Blessing Rolls
  • SUB2OGVEXX – 5x Blessing Rolls
  • 4MILLION – 4x Blessing Rolls
  • 25KLIKES – 5x Blessing Rolls
  • PATCHCOMPLETE – 10x Free Blessing Rolls
  • 2MVISITSAWARD – Sakuna
  • 15KCODE – Chopper Hat
  • HALFWAYTO100 – 10x Free Blessing Rolls
  • 10KLIKES – 3x Free Blessing Rolls
  • LRW5KLIKES – 5x Free Blessing Rolls
  • BEASTAKIPGAMINGSETUP – 4x Free Blessing Rolls

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How to use New Legends ReWritten Codes?

If you’re not sure how to spell Legends ReWritten Codes? It’s quite simple! Simply take a few simple steps

  1. Open the game
  2. Click on the Options button
  3. This is on the left side of the screen.
  4. A new redemption window will open up now.
  5. Copy one of the above working codes here.
  6. Click on the “Submit” button to get your free rewards.

What Should You Do If Your Legends ReWritten Codes Fail?

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