Welcome to our Inscryption Unlimited Cards Guide. A guide to get infinite Pelts for Card and Leveling purposes.

The Ouroboros stats are carried over from act to act, and since you can almost always receive the Ouroboros (renamed Ourobot) in Act 3, it’s worth upgrading it to one shot levels.

You can ultimately equip it with the Sniper talent to make it even more powerful (not that you really need it, but still fun)

Inscryption Unlimited Cards Guide (Ouroboros Leveling in Act 2)

Find the Inscryption Unlimited Cards Guide below with details:

How To Get Unlimited Cards?

  • Get to Act 2 (The overworld)
  • Unlock the tower (bottom left)
  • Collect some of the following Cards
  •  ・Ouroboros
  •  ・Necromancer
  •  ・Sentry Drone/Spore (at least 1, preferably multiple)
  •  ・Stoat/Elk/49er (anything with at least 1 Attack and cheap)
  •  ・Cat/Warren (4-10 copies)
  •  ・M3atB0t (1 is enough)
  • Fight the Training Dummy on the second floor
  • Place a Sentry 1 right of the Hand (Force Mage)
  • Wait out your turns until you have 3ish turns left
  • Place the 1 Attack minion on the far left, fill up your board with trash
  • After 2 turns, Force Mage should be pushed into the Sentry, killing it
  • Clean up the rest of the board (but don’t run out of cards and DO NOT FINISH THE BOSS OFF, sac if necessary)
Inscryption Unlimited Cards Guide
  • Sac two and summon Ouroboros
  • Sac a random creature with the hammer
  • Use 3 bones to summon Necromancer
  • Sac Ouroborosinto Warren or Cat
  • Repeat either of the following
  •  a) fill up your hand with Rabbits with Warren, and sac Rabbit + Ouroborosinto Ouroboros
  •  b) sac Ouroboros + Cat into Ouroboros
  •  This will upgrade Ouroborosby 2 each time you sac it, because of the Necromancer’s effect
  • Fill up the board with Ouroboros, use M3atB0t for last slot
  • End turn and get a ton of Pelts
  • Repeat since you can do this fight repeatedly.

This concludes the Inscryption Unlimited Cards Guide.

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