In Thailand, Gamepub Infinite Hero 3D Idle RPG has soft launch. Instead of intense battles, this RPG focuses on relaxed auto-battles.

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About Infinite Hero: 3D Idle RPG

Infinity Hero: 3D Idle RPG allows your mind to relax from the stresses of everyday life. You get little helpers to help you win battles, and there are minions and mercenary systems to protect you from your enemy. You can change the appearance of your heroes to fit your playstyle. It also has an easy growth mode where you can get gold, EXP, and other items to help you upgrade your characters.

You don’t even have to worry about logging in on a regular basis to collect resources; everything is handled automatically. The same is true for leveling up; simply choose the stage you want to play and enjoy the battles. All you have to worry about is gathering gold to help you upgrade your characters faster.

Communication is another aspect of the game. In the virtual world, you can make real friends. There is always extra fun waiting for users to make the game more interesting, with regular giveaways taking place in-game to collect some more valuable items.

Infinite Hero 3D Idle RPG has soft launch

Infinite Hero 3D Idle RPG has soft launch

Infinite Hero: 3D Idle RPG is now out in Thailand

In Thailand, Gamepub has soft-launched Infinite Hero: 3D Idle RPG. Players in the country who are interested in playing can get it from Google Play and the App Store. Using the same app store links, other players can pre-register for the game.

Final Words

Infinite Hero:3D Idle RPG, developed by Gamepub, is a simple, enjoyable game with few complicated procedures to get into the action.

Many rewards await players who plan to enter the game’s 3D world.Unfortunately, no information on the global release date of Infinite Hero: 3D Idle RPG is available at this time. We will keep everyone informed as more information becomes available.

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