How to solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption, Inscryption is a deck-building game with a focus on secrets and puzzles. Act 2 continues this theme, which should come as no surprise to players who have completed Act 1. In contrast to others, some of the puzzles are not required to complete the story. The Camera Puzzle is one such puzzle that players must complete in order to battle Leshy. How to solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption.

Leshy will hand the player a camera (not his card-creating camera) and instruct them to photograph three animals. These are found in Leshy’s region and are important to the three NPCs who live there. The hound, fish, and rabbit correspond to the Prospector, Angler, and Trapper, respectively.

How to solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption

Find here about How to solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption, The hound is the first animal you must photograph. To do so, you must first open the safe inside Leshy’s cabin. The passcode is written outside the cabin on the left, near the dog bowl. Place the meat in the dog bowl after removing it from the safe. The hound will appear, and you will be able to photograph it. Bring the photograph to the Prospector and beat him in a card game.

With the Prospector defeated, he will move out of your way and you will be able to proceed to the correct path. There is a bucket of bait there. To photograph the bait, click on it. Proceed to the fishing rod and place the photo on it. When a fish attacks the bait, take a photo of it. Return to the cabin’s exterior and show the photo to the Angler. Beat him in a card game.

Solution of camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption

After defeating the Angler, you can take the left path. There is a bear trap, a rabbit, and several warrens there. The rabbit will hop from one warren to the next. You must position the trap in the rabbit’s path. By standing in the way of holes, you can direct the rabbit’s path. When the rabbit is trapped in the trap,you can photograph.

Solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption

When you show the Trader the photo, she will transform into the Trapper. In a card game, defeat the Trapper.

How to solve camera puzzle in act 2 of Inscryption

Return to Leshy once you’ve collected all three photos and defeated the Prospector, Angler, and Trapper. He will congratulate you and invite you to a card game against Leshy, the Scrybe of Beasts.

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