Here, we will show you How to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator!

The new Update 14 for Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator has been published, and it includes a new Defense Mode for players. If you are a liker of tower defence games, this mode is similar to them, however instead of erecting a tower, you’ll send in your forces to combat the attackers attempting to reach your base! This guide will teach you how to play How to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator mode and what rewards you will receive for doing so.

Defence Mode

Firstly, You’ll need a Defense Mode Token to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator. This is similar to the Raid Ticket system, but these can be purchased at the Time Trial Shop with Time Trial Shards. 500 Time Trial Shards are required for each Defense Token.

Once you have a Defense Token, go to the Teleporter and seek for maps with the yellow tree icon, which indicates a Defense Mode location that is now available. The deeper the island is on the teleporter, the harder the Defense Mode will be.

Once you’ve decided an island, visit there and look for the yellow tree portal. After doing same, you can use your Defense Token to begin a round. Alternatively, you can wait for another person to create one and then join it for free!

For that particular island, you will now battle in Defense Mode. There’s a path that goes to a Defense Crystal, and what you need to do is that you have to keep the attackers out of it. Simply send your forces after the opponents and eliminate them. You will receive Multi-Open tokens when you deal damage to an adversary and they die.

Summoning Star’s Max option is allowed to be used by Multi-Open tokens. Based on the quantity of Yen you presently have, you will be able to unlock a large number of Summon Stars at a time. However, you’ll need enough Multi-Open tokens to cover the total number of units you can purchase with the Yen.

How to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator

How to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator

That concludes How to play Defense Mode in Anime Fighters Simulator guide!

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