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On November 27th, 2021, Roblox Islands launched the Maple Isle upgrade! You may now manufacture your own maple syrup and put it over pancakes! However, before you can do so, you must first master the ins and outs of preparing Pancakes. If you’re not sure how, we’ll show you in this tutorial!

How to make Pancakes in Roblox Islands?

Pancake Recipe

To cook Pancakes in Roblox Islands, you must first fulfil the first mission, which is to obtain Maple Sap for Maple Baker Bailey. When you transform it into her, you will be handed the recipe for Pancake Dough. Locate a Cooking Table and make the Pancake Dough, which takes 9 Wheat per batch. Bring the dough to a heat source (campfire, furnace, etc.) and add coal to the dough. The dough will cook, and you will have Pancakes!

If you haven’t already, read our guide on obtaining Maple Sap if you haven’t before. After you’ve finished that, you should be given the Pancake Dough recipe.

Look for Pancake Dough at a Cooking Table, either on your island or on someone else’s. You’ll need 9 Wheat for each one you want to make.

When you’ve finished all of the dough you want to bake, transfer it to a heat source. Things like a Small Furnace or a Campfire should suffice. Place the Pancake Dough and some Coal in the pan and wait for it to bake. When they are finished, the symbol will transform from dough to a dish of pancakes!

How to make Pancakes in Roblox Islands

Make enough to send back to Maple Baker Bailey so you may complete the next phase of the quest!

This concludes the How to make Pancakes in Roblox Islands.

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