If you’re looking on how to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands? The search ends here! Find the steps mentioned below.

On November 27th, 2021, Roblox Islands launched the Maple Isle upgrade! You may now manufacture your own maple syrup and put it over pancakes! However, before you can do so, you must first collect some Maple Sap.

To obtain Maple Sap in Roblox Islands, go to Maple Isle and speak with Maple Baker Bailey to obtain the Maple Workbench. Take that back to your island and put it someplace. Make a few Tree Taps on the bench. Plant Maple Tree Taps around your base. You should be able to harvest the tree and collect Maple Sap after a short amount of time!

How to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands

The Maple Isles gateway may be found in the main hub area of Islands. Simply walk to the left and search for the enormous glass bottles with maple leaves on them that are loaded with syrup.

  • After you’ve passed through the portal, speak with Maple Baker Bailey. She will begin a questline for you and give you the Maple Workbench.
  • Return to your island and set the Maple Workbench in a convenient location. Interact with it and choose the Tree Tap option. One of them may be crafted for 35 Iron. You’ll want to create at least a couple of them because you’ll need a lot of sap for future tasks.
How to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands
  • Select the Tree Taps from your toolbar. Place the Tree Tap on the side of a Maple Tree on your island (or plant one if you don’t have one). It will finally be harvested after a short amount of time. When you interact with the tree, you will be rewarded with Maple Sap!

This concludes the How to get Maple Sap in Roblox Islands Guide.

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