Welcome to our How to Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife online guide.

It’s time for another BitLife Challenge this week. This week, Candywriter immerses us in the world of Reese Witherspoon in the American comedy Legally Blonde. Let’s test whether you have what it takes to go from a California girl to a legal genius. This article will show you how to finish the BitLife Legally Blonde Challenge.

How to Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife online?

To accomplish the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be born a female in California
  • Have a chihuahua named Bruiser
  • Be initiated into a sorority
  • Get accepted into law school with 100% looks

To begin, you must have been born in California as a girl. Getting into law school with excellent looks is part of the struggle. As a result, you should probably make sure your looks stats are maxed up before birth. However, there are alternative ways to obtain ideal appearances. You’ll also want to buy a chihuahua and call it Bruiser at some time in your life. It’s not too difficult.

Now for the fashion. You have the option of undergoing the greatest plastic surgery money can buy. Your appearance metrics will grow by a certain amount each time you have plastic surgery. You can effectively go from 0 to 90 in a year if you receive continual plastic surgery. Keep undergoing plastic surgery as you get older, and you’ll ultimately max out your looks.

It’s time to apply to college now that you’ve maxed up your looks stats. Apply to a university and select a major such as Criminal Justice. You can major in any law-related field and it will be good. When you get to college, you’ll need to look over the school alternatives and decide whether or not to join a sorority.

After graduation, you might choose “pursue higher education.” You should pick Law School and study to be a lawyer from the list of educational possibilities.

How to Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife online
How to Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife online

At this time, you should have finished the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife and fulfilled all of the tasks on your list!

This concludes the How to Complete the Legally Blonde Challenge in BitLife online.

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